Half Term Letter Home

23rd October 2020

Dear Parent / Carer,

We hope that you are safe and well in what continue to be difficult times with the Coronavirus situation.

Coronavirus and self-isolation

We would like to thank you for your continued support of the school when we have had to send pupils home in relation to Coronavirus cases. We always follow the guidance from The Department of Education and Public Health England – this guidance changed over the course of the term. Initially we were advised to send entire year groups home when we had a positive Coronavirus case; this has since reduced to classes or close contacts via track and trace using classroom-seating plans.

Should your son need to self-isolate, his work will be provided online via Microsoft Teams. It is vital that your son engages with his learning at home – he must email his completed work to his teachers and for any support he may require. Please try to ensure your son has a quiet space to work and learn.

If you or anyone in your household has symptoms of Coronavirus, you must all self-isolate and book a test. If the test is positive, you must all continue to self-isolate and your son must not attend school until the quarantine period is over. We will not issue attendance fines to families self-isolating relating to Coronavirus.

Communication with school

Please ensure that you read all communication from the school. The information we are sharing with you is more important than it ever has been. We would encourage you to download our app, My Ed, to make sure communication is more efficient. Please ensure the school has your correct contact details.

We asked parents to give prior-consent to the school should they wish their son to be allowed to leave and go home in the event of a Coronavirus case. If you did not complete this and would like to, please complete the form that we will send out again.

The school day

As you are aware, we made changes to the school day to accommodate issues related to Coronavirus. We will continue with the current school day during Half Term 2 and will review the situation again in December.

Thank you once again for your continued support. Remember, it is essential that we all work together and follow Government Coronavirus guidance. Manchester is in a Tier 3 lockdown and we must not mix with other families in people’s homes.

We look forward to the next half term and supporting your son with his learning and progress.

Stay safe and take care.

Karl Harrison

 Click here to download the letter.