Technology & Engineering

We aim to develop a faculty where every pupil is valued and can achieve their full potential in a safe & enjoyable learning environment, enabling them to make a positive contribution to the faculty and to the school as a whole. We aim to make using technology fun, exciting and relevant and equip students with skills for life.

Design and Technology

  • Year 7 – Resistant Materials: Glider Project, Graphics: Pop-up card, Product Design: CAD/CAM Ruler
  • Year 8 – Resistant Materials: Table Cricket Bat, Graphics: Room Design, Product Design: CAD/CAM Bedroom Door Sign
  • Year 9 – Resistant Materials: Jewellery Box, Graphics: CAD/CAM Jewellery Packaging, Product Design: Pewter Jewellery
  • GCSE Design Technology – Research and Design Movements: Memphis Clock, Sketching and CAD Modelling: Game Controller, 3D Printing and Electronics: Mini Drone, Sustainability: Street Football. Year 11 – Design and Make Portfolio NEA 50%, Exam 50%.
  • BTEC First in Construction and the Built Environment – Unit 1 Construction Technology, Unit 2 Construction and Design, Unit 3 Scientific and Mathematical Applications for Construction, Unit 5 Construction Drawing Techniques. Year 11 – Unit 6 Exploring Carpentry and Joinery Principles and Techniques, Unit 8 Exploring Painting and Decorating Principles and Techniques, Unit 11 Sustainability in Construction, Unit 14 Exploring Wall and Floor Tiling Principles and Techniques.
  • BTEC Tech Award in Engineering – Unit 1 Exploring Engineering Sectors and Design Applications Internal, Unit 2 Investigating an Engineering Project (Internal). Year 11 – Unit 3 Responding to an Engineering Brief Synoptic External

Cooking and Nutrition

  • Year 7 – Food Hygiene, Safety in the Kitchen, Kitchen Equipment and uses, Basic cooking skills: knife skills, boiling, simmering, baking, weighing, measuring, literacy/numeracy.
  • Year 8 – Healthy eating: Eat well Guide, Understanding food groups, sources and nutrients they supply, How to plan and prepare healthy balanced meals in line with current governmental dietary advice.
  • Year 9 – Nutrition through life: Understanding the changes in nutritional requirements at main life stages, Italian Project: Focusing on creating dishes that meet the nutritional needs of a teenager, Savoury Baking project: Focusing on nutrition and artistic adaptation, Factors affecting food choices: Adapting recipes to suit a range of customers.

KS4 – GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition:

  • Demonstrate effective and safe cooking skills by planning, preparing and cooking using a large variety of food commodities, cooking techniques and equipment.
  • develop knowledge and understanding of the functional properties, scientific principles and the nutritional content of food and drink ingredients.​
  • understand the relationship between diet, nutrition and health, including the biological and psychological effects of poor diet and health. ​
  • understand the economic, environmental, ethical, and socio-cultural influences on food availability, production processes, and diet and health choices.
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of functional and nutritional properties, sensory qualities and microbiological food safety considerations when preparing, processing, storing, cooking and serving food.​
  • understand and explore a range of ingredients and processes from different culinary traditions (traditional British and international), to inspire new ideas or modify existing recipes.

Subjects include

  • Design and Technology
  • Engineering
  • Cooking and Nutrition
  • Art
  • ICT

Curriculum overview

  • KS3 Design Technology – 3 lessons per cycle
  • KS3 Art – 2 lessons per cycle
  • KS3 Cooking and Nutrition – 1 lesson per cycle
  • KS4 – 7 lessons per cycle, plus additional revision sessions

Options offered at KS4

  • GCSE Design Technology (AQA)
  • BTEC Tech Award in Engineering (Pearson)
  • GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition (Eduqas)
  • GCSE Art and Design (AQA)Creative iMedia Level 1/2 (OCR)


  • Year 7 – Mark making and Portraiture, Painting and Pop Art, Illustration and Ceramics Project.
  • Year 8 – Printmaking, natural forms and fossils, Michael Craig Martin inspired Ceramics, Object, viewpoints, reflections.
  • Year 9 – Mexican Day of the Dead, Superhero design, Mixed Media Project.KS4
  • GCSE Art and Design – Year 10 – Workshop based activities as part of the GCSE Art and Design Unit 1, Ceramics project research and experimentations.
  • Year 11 – Ceramics Project final designs and final pieces, Unit 2 Exam

ICT – Creative iMedia Level 1/2

  • Year 10 – Pre-production skills, Creating digital graphics, Creating a multipage website, Creating a digital animation.
  • Year 11 – Understanding Computer Systems, Using ICT to create business solutions, Creating an interactive product, Creating dynamic products using sound.
Technology & Engineering Curriculum Plans 2019/20
KS4 Engineering Curriculum Plan (click to open)
KS4 Design & Technology Curriculum Plan (click to open)
KS4 iMedi Curriculum Plan (click to open)
KS4 Food Prep and Nutrition Curriculum Plan (click to open)
KS4 Art and Design Curriculum Plan (click to open)

Faculty of Technology (including ICT and Art)

  • Mr S. Bentley – Head of Technology & Engineering Faculty
  • Mr P. Iqbal – Head of Behaviour / Design & Technology Teacher
  • Mr D. Coyne – Design & Technology Teacher
  • Mr D. Hussain – Design & Technology Teacher
  • Mr J. Hyde – Design & Technology Teacher
  • Ms Y. Ahmed – ICT Teacher
  • Miss N. Noreen – ICT Teacher
  • Ms C. Doyle – Food Technology Teacher
  • Mr L. Crowther – Food Technology Teacher
  • Miss J Spencely – Head of Art
  • Mr B Sumner – Art Teacher


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