What sort of education do you want for your son? Do you want a school that is in the top 3% for the performance of boys in the North West of England? One that is rated 'Outstanding’ by Ofsted? A school where the performance in English and Maths is in the top 1% of non-selective schools in the North West? Where boys come first, where they thrive, where they are taught resilience, independence and care? Do you want your son to attend the the best performing of all the schools he could attend in Manchester?

I am passionate about making young people’s lives better and I know how education can give any student - whatever their background or ability - opportunities for success. I care deeply about boys succeeding in education and it upsets me greatly that they are falling further and further behind in schools right across the country - but not here at Burnage.

I’m privileged to have returned home to Manchester to serve our community and lead a school where our focus is solely on boys and ensuring that they are valued, that their lives are enriched, and that they thrive.

It is clear that if you want your son to thrive and perform well academically in a non-selective school in Manchester, Burnage Academy for Boys is the choice for you.

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Contact us through the contact form to find out more, to start a dialogue with our friendly and caring staff and to arrange a visit so that you can see for yourself.

Karl Harrison

Karl Harrison, Headteacher


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