House System

Every pupil who attends Burnage Academy For Boys is member of a House. Each house is made up of pupils from across year groups and is identified by a different colour tie. Boys remain in the same house for the duration of their time at school. There are four houses at Burnage Academy For Boys:

Rowan – Red, Oak – Green, Maple – Gold, Ash – Silver

The House System is embedded in the school values in the following ways:


  • House Leaders and Form Tutors supporting pupils to develop a resilient mind set in the face of challenges through the planned personal development curriculum, conversations or bespoke interventions.


  • House Leaders encouraging debate and critical thinking through their assemblies and the topics studied in the Personal Development curriculum, which prepare pupils for life beyond Burnage Academy for Boys.


  • Working tirelessly with students and families to ensure that the best possible pastoral support is in place to allow students to be the best they can be at the school.


  • Ash – Mrs Cottrill
  • Maple – Mr Lewis
  • Oak – Ms Doyle
  • Rowan – Mr Lawther


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