Governance arrangements in our trust

The principle governance document is the trust’s Articles of Association. The Articles set out the charitable purpose of the trust, providing a framework for the trust to act within both company and charity law.

The trust’s Board of Trustees is accountable in law for all major decisions about school and trust matters. The Board of Trustees establishes and maintains a governance structure and arrangements to support effective governance across all trust activities – as set out in its

  • Scheme of Delegations
  • Terms of Reference for Committees and
  • Role Descriptions for individual trustees with specific delegated responsibilities.

The Funding Agreement between the Department for Education and the Trust sets out arrangements for funding and oversight by the DfE including through the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

Our trust governance partnership ensures that trust board accountability is delivered through a structure and arrangements based on robust scrutiny, challenge and support informed through stakeholder involvement. Our approach focusses on -

  • acknowledgement of the importance of local level governance
  • commitment to consultation and dialogue across the governance partnership and with stakeholders
  • a framework of delegated authorities, clearly set out in our scheme of delegations
  • a commitment to transparency through information sharing an across and beyond the governance partnership


 Download the Members Tables (above) here

The trust Board operates through a number of Committees as shown in the organisational structure.

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Trustee attendance at Trust Board and Committee meeting 2021-22

Trustees produce a comprehensive annual Trustees’ Report and Governance Statement as part of the Annual Report and Financial Statements reviewed by the independent auditor. The latest audited Annual Report and Financial Statements is available in the Finance and Funding Section of this website. 

Governance Meeting Calendar 2022/23

 Schedule of governance meetings 22/23

Scheme of Delegation

The Trust Board is the body accountable to the DfE for ensuring delivery of effective governance. The Trust’s Scheme of Delegations sets out responsibilities delegated by the Trust Board to its committees and to individuals to support effective governance. Those with delegated responsibilities are required to provide formal report-back on their activities (including all decisions and or recommendations), as detailed in relevant Terms of Reference or Individual Role Remits. The Scheme of Delegations is reviewed not less than annually by the Trust Board.

 Scheme of Delegation

Governor Code of Conduct

All Members, Trustees and Governors sign up to our Code of Conduct which is reviewed on an annual basis.

 Code of Conduct.

Trust Board Finance, Resources, Risk and Audit Committee Terms of Reference

 Trust Board Finance, Risk and Audit Committee

Trust Board Achievement and Improvement Committee Terms of Reference

Trust Board Achievement and Improvement Committee

Trust Board Academy Committee

Academy Committee Terms of reference


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