School Leadership Team


Mr. K. Harrison, Headteacher

I came into education when the government was advocating teachers “making a difference” and I have always held onto that simple thought-for me it is the reason I get out of bed and go to work in a morning.

I’ve had the privilege of 20 years working in schools and serving communities, starting as a teacher of maths. I taught in Egypt for four years and have spent the last eight successfully supporting the transformation of another boys’ school.

I am passionate about making young people’s lives better and I know how education can give any student whatever their background or ability opportunities of success and I care deeply about boys succeeding in education. It upsets me greatly that they are falling further and further behind in schools right across the country, but not here, not at Burnage.

I’m privileged to have returned home to Manchester to serve our community and lead a school where our focus is solely on boys and ensuring they are valued, enriched and thrive.

Mrs. H. Carter, Deputy Headteacher

I arrived at Burnage Academy in February 2004 as a trainee teacher and found a school to call home. I have loved working as an English teacher, as Head of English, as an Assistant Headteacher and, since March 2016, as Deputy Headteacher.

From a young age, I was always reading books and loved words. I studied English Literature at Durham University and, as I love languages, I also did some modules of French with my degree. I am passionate about developing pupils’ vocabulary and independent learning skills, as education opens many doors in life.

Outside of school I play netball, which I have done since I was 8 years old, and run with Sale Harriers, Manchester. I have completed 3 marathons and will consider a fourth at some point soon! I love to travel and see friends in different parts of the world.

I grew up in Yorkshire but believe South Manchester is now my home. I am proud to work at Burnage Academy: it is a wonderful community with very caring staff and pupils. Pupils in Burnage genuinely want to be the best they can be and they help to make our school outstanding.

Mr. M. rogers, Deputy Headteacher

I have worked in schools across Greater Manchester for the past 16 years and always believed that a high quality, rounded education is the key to success in adult life.

I am privileged to have worked at Burnage Academy for Boys for the last 10 years and I am committed to high standards of pupil behaviour and safety within our school and the communities we serve, as I believe that respect for self and others is at the heart of all communities.

I have been fortunate enough in my life to travel to many places I could never have dreamt of seeing as a young child growing up in South Wales.

This has made me passionate that every pupil gets as many opportunities and experiences as they can through the school to build their character, morals and self-confidence, giving them the skills to thrive in their adult lives.

Ms. D. Broderick, Assistant Headteacher

My love of mathematics began at infant school where I became fascinated by numbers and patterns. I went on to study Maths at Warwick University.

In my career I have led three maths departments and worked in two leadership groups, always striving to make maths fun to learn and to ensure that every student achieves his best.

I joined Burnage Academy in 2012 and I am incredibly proud of the school and its’ students. It is a wonderful place to work.

Away from the world of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, watching Manchester City, city breaks, mountain hiking, walking with my Jack Russell and I compete in Latin American and Ballroom dance competitions.

Ms. R. Wadeson, Assistant Headteacher

I have always been fascinated by people and culture – our similarities and differences distinguish us and yet we all share a common humanity. I went on to study Linguistics at the University of Manchester and Bangor University.

I joined Burnage in 2008 as a trainee teacher then became employed as an English Teacher, was Second in English, then became Rowan House Leader for seven years. I’m now Assistant Headteacher and feel extremely proud to be part of our school community.

I’m passionate about young people taking an interest in the world around them, making the best decisions for themselves and being enthusiastic about learning.

When I’m not at work, I keep active with hockey and softball, and play in competitions around the UK. I also enjoy spending many hours in the kitchen cooking, baking and eating.

Mr. T. Merzougui, Director of Finance

I joined Burnage Academy for Boys in 2002 (previously known as Burnage High School), as Finance and Administration Manager. I was privileged to be a part of a strong and dedicated team, who helped drastically improve the boys’ achievement. Now, I am thrilled to see that the boys are achieving outstanding results, which are currently amongst the best in the country, in 2020.

In my role as Director of Finance, I am no stranger to Education and teaching: I was once a full time teacher of Maths, Physics and Chemistry in a sixth form in the 1980s. I hold a Masters and PhD degrees and also a PGCE. I am lucky enough to be able to understand and communicate with a wide spectrum of communities as I can speak Arabic, French and English.

I remember the smile on our boys’ faces in 2010, when they moved into a new state of the arts building.

I am delighted to be still working at Burnage Academy with supportive colleagues, very caring staff and ambitious boys. It’s very rewarding to see these conscientious boys leave Burnage Academy and become very successful. I came across many of them who went to universities and/or set up their own prosperous businesses. My own son attended Burnage School and I am proud to see him working as a frontline doctor for our NHS, tackling COVID-19.

When I was younger, I played handball and volleyball but I’ve always loved watching and playing football. Humbly, I must say, I am now a good goal keeper.

Mr J Shepherd, Assistant Headteacher.

I started teaching at Burnage Academy for Boys in 2010 when I arrived as a trainee teacher and have loved every minute of my time here since.

The supportive and vibrant atmosphere of the school has helped me develop both as a teacher and as a person. Although being placed at BAFB by chance, I knew from the moment I arrived that this was the right place for me and the place I wanted to stay.

I love the diverse community we have here at BAFB and I am proud to represent it. Every single person who walks through the doors is made to feel welcome and given the opportunity to succeed. This is at the heart of why I became a teacher and why Burnage is so important to me.

When I was younger, I was fortunate enough to benefit from excellent teaching and a wide curriculum full of opportunities. This helped inspire a love of learning that has lasted throughout my own childhood and into adult life. I feel that as teachers we have a duty to develop this in our pupils by giving them a broad education full of new experiences. I strongly believe in our school’s ambition to develop lifelong learners.

Outside of school, I enjoy playing and watching all sports; particularly golf although never very successfully! I also love travelling and have been fortunate to travel to many different places across the world.


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