Due to the national lockdown announced on 4th Jan, all pupils should now work from home (except vulnerable/key worker children, who should attend school as normal). All lessons will be provided by remote learning on Microsoft Teams. We ask parents and guardians to help ensure students complete this work. For more information and assistance please see our letters home dashboard.

Success & Results

The performance of our boys is exceptional: we are in the top 3% of schools* in the North West of England.

SubjectNational Figure for Boys: 2019Burnage Academy for Boys: 2019Burnage Academy for boys Above national average
English-0.45+0.40+0.85(Top 1% in the North West)
Maths -0.02+0.64+0.66(Top 1% in the North West)
All-0.28+0.31+0.59(Top 3% North West)

The best education education in the sector and the region is available here – boys at Burnage achieve up to a grade higher than at other schools across their subjects. We are ranked 5th in the whole of England for boys’ progress in English and Maths (non-selective and non-faith schools).

To put it another way, boys who get grade 3s in other schools get grade 4s here. Boys who get grade 6s elsewhere get grade 7s at Burnage and boys who get grade 8s in other schools get grade 9s here.

This year, our pupils achieved an outstanding 94 Grade 9s, 103 Grade 8s and 117 Grade 7s. Two of our Y11 pupils won bursaries to Manchester Grammar School for their 6th Form studies.

2020 saw rapid and significant improvements in Art, Geography and Drama. This places us significantly above other schools, nationally, in every single subject we do.

*The top 3% of Non-selective schools in the North West of England.