Behaviour and Discipline

The school has a clear code of discipline which is aimed at developing individual responsibility and co-operative behaviour. In its code of conduct the school does not allow for any kind of harassment, racism or bullying.

Any instances of behaviour which undermine this (as with bullying, name calling, racist or violent behaviour), are treated as very serious offences and dealt with swiftly.

We place great value on the school as a community, with partnership between students, parents and teachers. The school’s Equal Opportunities policy has guided many aspects of the code of conduct and discipline.

Students are encouraged to see the school as “their school”, and to play a full part in developing a system of fairness and order; this is done through the Smart School Council, in which student representatives contribute to make the school a better and more harmonious place for all.

The school is committed to creating a warm, friendly and supportive environment for its students.

The school has a ‘Praise and Reward’ scheme in operation in which the work, behaviour and attitude of students are monitored closely. Those who achieve can earn certificates and prizes, and teachers will make every effort to inform families of sustained effort and positive attitude.

For more details about behaviour, including our definitions of and response to bullying, please see see our School Policies page.