Business Support/HR Manager

BAFB Vacancies

Grade 10 point 41 to 43 (£43,662 – £45,591) Working AYR

Closing date:  Tuesday 27th August 2019 at 9.00am.

Interviews will be held on Friday 30th August 2019.

The Governors of Burnage Academy for Boys are seeking to appoint an exceptional
School Business Support & HR Manager. This post will commence in October 2019
and offers an exciting opportunity for a hard-working and ambitious individual.

The successful candidate will:

  • Provide efficient management of school finances, personnel and other
    administrative functions determined by the Headteacher/Director of Finance
  • Promote and safeguard the welfare of children and young people within the


Business Support/HR Manager 

Job Description

1.0 Salary: Grade 10 (NJC), Point 41. (AYR)

2.0 Line of Responsibility

The post holder will be directly responsible to the Director of Finance. Apart form other colleagues the main contacts of the job are the head teacher, teaching staff, other support staff, pupils, parents, governors, LA, ESFA and outside agencies 


3.0 Main Purpose of the job

3.1 To support the Director of Finance, in organising and supervising financial and administrative systems within the school and to contribute to the planning, development and monitoring of financial support services within the school.

3.2 To work collaboratively with all staff and parents in order to support pupil well being and to promote the five outcomes of Every Child Matters

3.3 To Provide support to the Director of Finance, in her/his role as Chief Finance Officer, in ensuring that value for money is achieved at all times in the delivery of the Academy’s aims and objectives

3.4 To assist the Director of Finance in promoting the highest standards of business ethos and strategically ensuring the most effective use of resources in support of the Academy’s learning objectives.

3.5 To assist the Director of Finance in establishing the policies, systems and procedures through which the Academy’s aims and objectives will be achieved, including the continuing development of strategic and resource plans.

3.6 The Line Management of any staff falling under this post holder’s remit including their induction, training and appraisal.


4.0 Duties and Responsivities

4.1 Main duties and responsibilities are indicated below. Other duties of an appropriate level and nature may also be required, as directed by the Director of Finance. Please note that the post holder may exceptionally be required to work outside of normal Academy working hours for meetings and emergencies.

5.0 Conditions of Employment

5.1 The above responsibilities are subject to the general duties and responsibilities contained in the written statement of conditions of employment [the Contract of Employment].

5.2 The post holder is required to support and encourage the Academy’s ethos and its objectives, policies and procedures as agreed by the Governing Body.

5.3 The post holder will uphold the Academy’s policy in respect of Child Protection and Safeguarding matters. 

5.4 The post holder will be subject to all relevant statutory and institutional requirements. 

5.5 The post holder may be required to perform any other reasonable tasks, after consultation. 

5.6 This Job Description allocates duties and responsibilities but does not direct the particular amount of time to be spent on carrying them out and no part of it may be so construed. 

5.7 This Job Description is not necessarily a comprehensive definition of the post. It will be reviewed as and when necessary and it may be subject to modification at any time after consultation with the post holder. 

5.8 The post holder will be required to participate in the Academy’s Appraisal Scheme. 


6.0 Job Specification

6.1 Operational

  • Attend meetings of Finance Forums, Governors’ Finance & Audit Sub-Committees as required. 
  • Understand the effects and implications of ESFA’s financial regulations for current and future initiatives and ensure that resources are organised and used appropriately. 
  • Support Director of Finance in managing the financial implications of human resources and changes in roll numbers and funding, ensuring effective deployment of financial resources to meet the current and future needs of the Academy. 
  • Keep up to date with developments and changes in legislation and guidance, and communicate appropriate information to Director of Finance, Staff and members of Governing Body. 
  • Advise the Director of Finance as appropriate. 

6.2 Finance and Accounting

  • To assist the Director of Finance in preparing the Academy’s multi-year budget for consultation with the Headteacher and submission to Governors for review and approval. 
  • To assist the Director of Finance in maintaining a strategic Financial Plan that indicates trends and requirements of the Academy’s development plan and shall forecast future years’ budgets. 
  • To assist the Director of Finance in pursuing and maximising income and sponsorship generation opportunities including appropriate investments, the preparation and submission of applications and bids and fundraising. 
  • To monitor income and expenditure in relation to the Academy’s Budget and produce monthly management reports for the Director of Finance, Headteacher and Chair of Trustees and other relevant Governors’ Sub-Committee/s. 
  • To identify and inform the Director of Finance of significant variances to budget, outlining reasons and options available for corrective action.
  • To manage and monitor all contracts, leases, service level agreements and relationships with relevant service providers. 
  • Be conversant with the general principle of taxation applicable to the Academy and the financial implications of Company and charitable statuses.
  • Liaise with budget holders and advise them on matters relating to their budget/s. 
  • Assist Director of finance in keeping all Academy’s accounts; prepare income and expenditure reports in accordance with the ESFA financial regulations and prepare accounts for submission to the Academy’s External Auditors. 
  • To assist the Director of Finance the preparation, publication and returns of complex forms to the ESFA, LA and other agencies and stakeholders within statutory guidelines.
  • Arrange and coordinate the annual audit, liaising with all parties involved and ensuring that the year end financial statements conform to the required standard and are submitted to Companies House and the ESFA in good time. 
  • Maintain and oversee all bank accounts including the Academy’s business card/s, overseeing the monthly reconciliations and reporting banking errors to Director of Finance. 
  • With the Director of Finance, ensure that the Academy’s Financial Procedures Manual and relevant finance policies are reviewed and updated as necessary so that it reflects the requirements of the DfE in the Academies Financial Handbook as provided by the ESFA. 
  • Identify developments in systems or processes and maintain documentation to support manual procedures. 
  • Assist Director of Finance in reviewing issues identified and propose resolution to address weaknesses, where necessary, in the Academy’s Financial Procedures. 
  • Assist the Director of Finance in ensuring compliance with the Internal Controls framework and identify and escalate instances of non-compliance to support the work of the Responsible Officer in performing periodic reviews of transactions. 
  • Ensure accurate VAT accounting and payment, and that VAT reclaim returns are submitted, as required. 
  • Be responsible for cash flow projections and monitor all elements of cash handling including overseeing collections and disbursements, banking and security. 
  • To oversee the placement of orders ensuring they are processed through the Academy’s computerised finance accounting package. 
  • Scrutinise payment of invoices and statements of accounts in conjunction with the nominated staff members. 
  • To assist the Director of Finance in carrying out and keeping analyses of costs and other statistical information. 
  • Ensure the maintenance of good financial records and when documents are archived that they can be identified and retrieved. 
  • Assist the Director of Finance in his responsibilities for the Cashless System and online Payment system operation, working with the Provider, Site, ICT network, Data Manager and users. 
  • To be responsible for the implementation and maintenance of administrative support systems and procedures in the event of changes in legislation and / or management structures in order to meet the needs of the school 
  • To respond independently to complex correspondence 
  • To oversee arrangements for external and internal audits and ensuring that company records and administrations are carried out in accordance with requirements and advising Director of Finance as necessary. 
  • To benchmark systems and information to assess trends and make appropriate recommendations  
  • To prepare yearly accounts, liaise with internal and external auditors. 
  • To use the agreed budget to monitor actively and control performance to achieve value for money 
  • To identify and inform the Director of Finance of the causes of significant variance(s) and to support a prompt corrective action 
  • To assist Director of Finance in putting formal finance agreements in place with suitable providers for agreed amounts, at agreed times and appropriate agreed costs and repayment schedules 
  • To assist Director of Finance in monitoring the effectiveness and implementation of agreements 
  • To propose to Director of Finance revisions to the budget if necessary, in response to significant or unforeseen developments 
  • To provide ongoing budgetary information to director of Finance and relevant people 
  • To assist Director of finance to present timely and fully costed proposals, recommendations or bids 
  • To advise the Director of Finance if fraudulent activities are suspected or uncovered. 
  • To assist in the establishment and use of effective methods to review and improve administrative systems within the Academy. 
  • To assist the Director of Finance in ensuring that all necessary returns, reports and documentation are completed accurately within time constraints, claims, bids, reports to governors, and statistical returns [internal and external]. 
  • Collate information, statistics and prepare reports as required by the Director of Finance. 
  • Undertake responsibility to ensure that all manual and computerised records and filing systems relating to all areas within the remit are maintained as required. 
  • Process, input, extract and analyse information relating to all areas within the remit from the Academy’s database system/s. 
  • Ensure compliance with data protection regulations (GDPR). 
  • Deal with correspondence relating to all areas within the remit promptly and as required. 



  • To manage HR within the school through liaison with the Director of Finance.
  • To organise and oversee all staff contracts and coordinate the administration of staff recruitment.
  • To be responsible for all DBS checks and the school’s Central Record of Evidence ensuring that the school is absolutely compliant with all CRB requirements
  • To have oversight of all job evaluation and job description requirements.
  • Maintain staff personnel files under strictly confidential conditions at the Headteacher’s direction.
  • Maintain and regularly update SIMS. NET personnel data base
  • Maintain and record all staff absence/sickness and forward to payroll each month
  • Organise return to work interviews for all staff in accordance with the school’s Attendance Management Policy.
  • Responsibility for School Workforce Census
  • Keep updated recruitment files for inspection.
  • Liaise with the payroll provider on a regular basis reporting changes/amendments monthly within the deadline.
  • Check payroll is accurate before it is run by the payroll provider each month.
  • Review and monitor payroll reports
  • Report all staff changes to the Director of Finance and make sure that the budget planning tool is kept up to date with staffing changes.

6.4 Organisation

  • To contribute to the development of training programmes / learning opportunities and mentoring for support staff
  • To prioritise and organise own workload and that of other staff to meet conflicting deadlines in consultation with the operational needs of the  school 

7.0 General

  • Attend Academy events as required.
  • Participate in Academy emergency procedures, including the implementation of effective evacuation procedure
  • Assist in the provision of training sessions for staff relating to areas within the remit to ensure that they are aware of associated financial procedures and regulations.
  • Attend training sessions and meetings as required
  • Seek, consider, and act upon professional support and advice as required.


8.0 Key Organisational Objectives

The postholder will contribute to the School’s objectives in service delivery by: 

  • Ensuring compliance with Data Protection legislation (GDPR).
  • Operating within the School’s Equalities Framework at all times.
  • Commitment and contribution to improving standards for students, as appropriate.
  • Contributing to the maintenance of a caring and stimulating environment for young people.


9.0 Conditions of Service

The National Joint Council Agreement on Pay and Conditions of Service supplemented by Manchester Local Authority and any other local conditions as may be agreed by Governors/Trustees are adopted by Burnage Academy for Boys.

10.0 Special Conditions of Service

10.1 Because of the nature of the post, candidates are not entitled to withhold information regarding convictions by virtue of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1971 [Exemptions] Order 1975, as amended. Candidates are required to give details of any convictions on their Application Form
and are expected to disclose such information at the Appointment Interview. 

10.2 Because this post allows substantial access to children, candidates are required to comply with procedures in relation to Police Checks. Prior to taking up the post, the successful candidate will be asked to give consent to apply for an enhanced disclosure to DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) to ascertain details from the Police regarding any convictions against them and, as appropriate, the nature of such convictions.

11.0 Equal Opportunities

11.1 The postholder will be expected to carry out all duties in the context of and in compliance with the School’s Equal Opportunities Policies.

12.0 Probationary Period

12.1 The Probationary Period for this post is 6 months.

13.0 Notice Period:

13.1 The Notice Period will be 2 months.



Essential Qualifications / Experience:

Desirable Qualifications / Experience:



Significant experience in an educational setting or a field recognised management/business degree or professional qualification/s.

Experience of managing within a self-converted single or MAT academy and LA finance services.

Application Form

Evidence of finance, business or administrative management experience to support the day to day operation in an educational setting/company within financial constraints.

Recognised accounting qualification, SBM specific qualification, that is, Fellow of NASBM, DSBM, CSBM.

Letter of Application

Evidence of being an effective member of an educational establishment/company’ senior team.

To have experience and understanding of the working of a governing body in an academy setting, company and charity law, DfE/ESFA regulations and reporting requirements.


Experience of supporting the management of strategic financial plans and influencing decision making.

Experience of working with senior team/executive board in an academy setting


Experience of supporting the management and analysis of budgets, performing end of year accounts closure, procurement and managing assets.

Experience of resource and financial management, formulating budgets, rigorous monitoring and control procedures

Certificate/s [to be available at interview]

Experience of supporting the management of change and implementing new systems/ procedures/ controls.

Successful experience of implementing, developing and maintaining and effective administrative systems in a busy academy environment


Have knowledge of the legislatory framework of schools/academies and education

Knowledge of in house IT, catering and premises management including the ability to establish priorities.


Experience of the management of HR



Essential  Knowledge/Skills

Desirable Knowledge/Skills



Excellent ICT skills and to be able to effectively use specialist software packages

Familiar with FMS6 accounting and HCSS budgeting tool systems


Ability to adapt to challenging situations and people and respond appropriately using negotiation and influencing skills to achieve objectives

Be able to work constructively as part of a team, understanding school roles and responsibilities and your own position within these

Ability to lead and motivate other staff

Experience of working within a financial team with leading and motivating roles

Ability to organise own workload and that of others to meet conflicting deadlines

Ability to manage others in an efficient manner and set own priority

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Ability to relate well to children and adults

Possess excellent numeracy and literacy skills


Essential  Personal Style and Behaviour

Desirable Personal Style and Behaviour



Excellent interpersonal relationships with the public, pupils and colleagues at work.

Tact and diplomacy in all interpersonal relationships with the public, pupils and colleagues at work


Self-motivation and personal drive to complete tasks to the required timescales and quality standards.

Ability to set own priorities and work in an efficient manner

The flexibility to adapt to changing workloads demands and new school challenges.

Ability to self-evaluate your learning needs and actively seek learning opportunities

Personal commitment to continuous self-development.


Personal commitment to continuous school improvement.


Personal commitment to the school’s professional standards, including dress code as appropriate.


Closing date for applications: Tuesday 27th August 2019 at 9.00am.

Please ensure you can preform the duties above and meet the person specification below before applying for this post. You must also read and agree to the BAfB Safeguarding and Child protection Policy (see Important Documents section).

To apply for this post, please use a BAfB application form and include a covering letter.

Completed application forms should be emailed to for the attention of Ian Fenn, Headteacher 

Or printed and posted to:
Ian Fenn c/o Lynne Bentley, Burnage Academy For Boys, Burnage Lane, Manchester M19 1ER
Alternatively Download For Offline Reading  

The .PDF file is best for printing, filling in manually and posting. The .Doc file is best for completing digitally (please save as ‘BAFB-Appliation-Forn-Your Name.doc’) and emailing.

NB. Applications made using CVs will not be considered.

If applicants wish to look round the school or require further details about the post then they should email


Job Description / Personal Specification Documents

Closing date for applications: Tuesday 27th August 2019 at 9.00am.


Post expires at 9:30am on Friday September 27th, 2019