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Letters Home

Letter To Parents from BAfB

Coronavirus Update:

Pupils from Y10 + Y7 Have Tested Positive For Covid-19

  • Y7 pupils must not return to school until 07.10.20.
  • Y10 pupils must not return to school until 30.9.20.

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Updated Bus Routes & School Day Times

We are delighted to have welcomed your son back to school and trust he is settling in well with the new routines.

In order to ensure the maximum safety for our pupils we are going to make amendments to our timings at the end of the school day. This will ensure that pupils are able to maintain social distancing more effectively at the end of the day.

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Transport and Attendance Arrangements At School From September 2020.

Letter sent: 27th August 2020 Dear Parent/Carer, I write to inform you about the transport and attendance arrangements at the school from September 2020. After such a prolonged absence from school, it is vital that your child’s attendance is as high as possible from this point to ensure his progress. To support this, I can […]

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Returning To School in Sept

We will be implementing a phased return for pupils in order to embed fully our social distancing measures and ensuring all pupils understand the new systems in school.
Return dates

  • Y7: Friday, 4th September
  • Y8: Wednesday, 9th September
  • Y9: Tuesday, 8th September
  • Y10: Monday, 7th September
  • Y11: Friday, 4th September

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  • Y10 Returning To School Scedule

    You should have your appointment time for the weeks commencing June 22nd and June 29th. You will have one to one meetings with your English and Maths teacher during week commencing 22nd June and your Science and Options teachers during week commencing 29th June.

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    Possible re-opening of schools to Year 10 in June 2020

     Letter sent to all parents  19th May 2020   Dear Parent/Carer Re: Possible re-opening of schools to Year 10 in June 2020  You may well have seen in the national press that schools may be partially re-opening from June 2020 to allow some more face to face contact between Year 10 pupils and their teachers. […]

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    Letter From Loreto College re Taster Day

    We received this letter from Loreto College regarding their Taster Day.   It reads: Date: 22nd May 2020 Dear Headteacher, In usual times, in the final few weeks of the half term, we would have looked forward to hosting taster day opportunities for your Year 11 students who have been accepted as new students to […]

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