Careers Advice And College Applications

Through this uncertain time Burnage Academy staff, including Mrs Boyd, Careers Leader and Sue Walton, Careers Adviser will be working to support you with information, advice and guidance. We have already spoken with the main colleges and staff in admissions teams will be working from home, as will we.

Careers Advice will be available, to help with choices about subjects, qualification types and job applications for apprenticeships. In normal circumstances, many y11 students typically find interest in new subjects and also need to think about back up plan courses to study – don’t worry if this is you, email us for help rather than waiting for us to contact you.

  • Many colleges are still receiving online applications – you can do this from home.
  • Some Apprenticeships are still carrying on with applications using online applications, video and telephone interviews. 

Careers Resources

Due to school closure, Industry Week was not able to go ahead as planned. We have put together a guided resource to support students to think about post-16 options. This will be particularly useful for Year 10 students moving into Year 11 from September.

If you have any concerns please email: or


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