Remote Learning Curriculum

We will provide all of our pupils with 5 hours of learning per day to match their school timetable.

Your son has a copy of his timetable – please ask to see this so you know which subjects he is doing each day. If you need a copy, please contact school.

Lesson 1
(includes a 15-minute break)
Lesson 2
10.45 – 11.45

Lesson 3
11.45 – 13.15
(includes a 30-minute lunch break)
Lesson 4
13.15 – 14.15

Lesson 5
14.15 – 15.15

This does not mean that your child is expected to sit at a computer or electronic device for 5 hours.

Lessons will be pre-recorded and posted on Microsoft Teams or will be delivered live via Microsoft Teams. A pre-recorded lesson will last for approximately 20 minutes, accompanied by 40 minutes of independent work; a live lesson will last for up to 30 minutes, accompanied by 30 minutes of independent work.

We will be following our curriculum sequence, as if pupils were in school. They are:

For more details about Home Learning topics, please see Home Learning  


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