Recommended Reading

Here are some of the recommended books you can read to help you in MFL. You can also see your teacher for more information:


These books are from a series of French reading books called “Bibliobus” aimed specifically for students learning French as a foreign language. The booklets are by a range of different authors and come as a set. They are produced by Mary Glasgow publications and come in a range of levels according to ability. We have a full range of booklets in school which students are free to borrow at any time:

  • Coco et Bobo by Elaine Grainger
  • Le Pique-Nique
  • Chez la famille Moreau by Richard Townsend
  • Visite à la ferme
  • Le Gangster et le chat by Helen Doughty
  • Le château
  • Le problem
  • Bob et Ben à Boulogne
  • Monsieur Equinox by Hilary Stanyer
  • Le Coucou et la pendula
  • Danger de mort
  • Le Parachutage
  • La moto … la passion
  • L’heure de pointe
  • L’autre mousquetaire
  • Pierre-Yves et son secret
  • Le désastre
  • La vie de Julien leJeune
  • Mystére à Locnaven



  • GCSE Textbook One and Two by R Q Hasan
  • GCSE Workbook One and Two by R Q Hasan
  • Urdu Ki Ibtidaee Kitab by S Kanwar
  • A Complete Guide for GCSE Urdu by Z Khand
  • Key to GCSE Key Stage 3 and 4 by S S Kazmi
  • Key Stage 3 Urdu by P Malik
  • “Giara Unwaan” GCSE by S Mubashar
  • Key Stage 3 and 4 GCSE Urdu Revision Guide by M A Qari
  • Comprehensive Urdu Course for GCSE Part 1 & 2 by N Jaffer
  • Speak, Read and Write Urdu by R Rizvi