Faculty ethos:

We aim to develop skilful and creative young scientists who not only understand the big ideas of science but can relate these to the world around them and apply their knowledge and understanding to new and unfamiliar situations. We encourage and support the boys to be the best that they can be in a safe and purposeful learning environment. Students will explore the exciting world of science with highly practical, interactive and differentiated lessons. These lessons will allow all to develop an understanding of science and how theories and ideas can change and develop over time.

Curriculum overview:

  • KS3 – 9 lessons per cycle.
  • KS4 – students sitting Combined Science GCSE (AQA) will receive 12 lessons per cycle. Students selecting to study GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics receive an additional 7 lessons and lesson time is divided between the three subjects.

Options offered at KS4:

  • GCSE Combined Science (AQA)
  • GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics (AQA)


In Years 7 and 8, students will study the KS3 National Curriculum content. Teachers will focus on ensuring lessons are enjoyable, interactive and highly practical. Lessons are structured in a manner that allows students to see how their studies fit in with the real world and their potential future occupation. Students will be assessed regularly, giving plenty of opportunity for students to provide evidence of the progress that they are making.

In Year 9, students will begin Term 1 by consolidating their understanding and revisiting the big scientific ideas from the KS3 curriculum, often in greater depth. Students will take a practical approach to their learning; this will involve completing project-based learning targeted at developing scientific skills and understanding. In Terms 2 and 3, students will begin studying for the AQA Synergy Combined Science GCSE and will cover two units:

  • Unit 1: Building Blocks
  • Unit 5: Building Blocks for understanding.


Combined Science GCSE (AQA) – Throughout Key Stage 4 the majority of boys will study for the AQA Synergy Combined Science GCSE. This course will be examined at the end of year 11 where students will sit 4 external exams. The units studied will cover a combination of biology, chemistry and physics topics. Students will have regular end of topic tests to monitor their progress. Homework will be set in line with the school’s homework timetable and will be based around guided revision.

Year 10

  • Unit 2: Transport over large and small distances.
  • Unit 3: Interactions with the environment.
  • Unit 6: Interactions over small and large distances.
  • Unit 7: Movement and interactions.

Year 11

  • Unit 7: Movement and interactions.
  • Unit 4: Explaining change.
  • Unit 8: Guiding spaceship Earth to a sustainable future.

GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Physics (AQA)

GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics are offered to students as a GCSE option at the end of Year 9. Across Year 10 and Year 11, students will study Biology, Chemistry and Physics. They will have separate teachers for each subject and they are taught independently from each other. The content that they will learn is broadly the same as those studying for the Combined Science GCSE, but those studying the Separate Sciences will study certain topics in more depth leading to three separate GCSE qualifications. There are a total of six exams at the end of Year 11; two exams for each of the sciences studied.

Entry level (Exam board – AQA)

Students will spend two years producing an evidence portfolio in order to attain their Entry Level Science qualification. There are no final exams and the final grade is entirely based on the portfolio work produced.

Science Curriculum Plans 2018/19


The Science Faculty:

  • Mr I Ross – Deputy Head / Science Teacher
  • Ms K. Maysmoor – Head of Biology
  • Ms D. Stephenson – Head of Chemistry
  • Ms E. Palin – Head of Physics
  • Ms R Watterson – Specialist Curriculum Leader – Science
  • Mr M. Cooper – Science Teacher
  • Mr T. Awan – Science Teacher
  • Ms A. Sacks – Science Teacher
  • Ms N. Mohamed – Science Teacher
  • Ms K. Al-Rawni – Science Teacher
  • Ms L. Oates – Science Teacher
  • Ms O. Rakhtopol – Science Teacher
  • Ms K. McGuinness – Science Technician
  • Mr L. Verdon – Science Technician
  • Ms A. Ellahi – Science Technician