Excellent Exam Results Again!

Burnage Academy for Boys wishes to congratulate all of our 2018 Year 11 pupils on their excellent summer exam results. In 2018, pupils sat the more rigorous 9-1 GCSEs across almost all academic subjects after they were introduced in English and Maths first in 2017.

We are delighted that 61% of our pupils achieved the standard pass of grade 4 or above in the both English and Maths.

In the core faculties, students have produced excellent results with 73% (English), 67% (Science) and 66% (Maths) of students achieving at least grade 4.

A grade 9 is considered to be within the top 5% in the country, and we are delighted that our pupils achieved 29 grade 9s and a further 46 grade 8s between them.

There were achievements across the board – including students who only arrived at Burnage during Year 11 and still earned wonderful grades. Whilst we are not able to list all of our success stories, we have to celebrate a few special achievements!