The Governors have a wide range of responsibilities for the School, including its overall values, the School Development Plan, the budget and staff appointments.

They work closely with the Headteacher and Staff and maintain regular links with all the main departments and areas of School life.

We currently have vacancies on our governing body – we are looking for four Community Governors and two Parent Governors. Please get in touch with us if you would like to apply.

Their formal meetings include a Building Committee, Finance Committee, Personnel Committee and the Full Governors’ Business Meeting which is held once a term.
Apart from occasional confidential items, the Main Business Meeting is open for parents to attend as observers. However, it would be helpful if parents wishing to attend the Main Governors’ Meeting would inform the Clerk to the Governors beforehand so that additional seating can be provided.

Our Ethos

As Governors we try to value all our members equally, regardless of gender, colour, creed, ability, class, age or status. This is a hard policy to put into practice. We recognise that in preaching tolerance, understanding and respect, we ourselves risk being intolerant to people whose views differ from our own. Every member of our community will have his or her own views which are bound to some extent to be prejudiced.

What we ask is that members of the Academy try to act in such ways that do not diminish, hurt or damage others with differing or even opposite views. We hope that members of the Academy would give each other sufficient time and space so that they may learn something from each other. We hope also that they find a common bond in a sense of shared humanity, shared human needs and shared aspirations and hopes as members of Burnage Academy For Boys.

About the Governing Body

Governance Structure:

The following governance structure was agreed by the Governing Body:

1 – Local Authority
9 – Community
3 – Staff (one of whom must be non-teaching)
4 – Parents
1 – Headteacher


  • Achievement
  • Staffing
  • Buildings / Health and Safety
  • Scrutiny
  • Finance
  • Safeguarding

BAfB Trustees Aug 20

What Governors Do

There are three main reasons why governors are necessary:

  • They make sure the school is run according to the needs and wishes of the local community.
  • They support, promote and protect the interests of the school, its pupils and staff.
  • They are a visible form of accountability.

School governors come from a variety of backgrounds. They are not expected to be experts in educational matters. That’s the responsibility of the headteacher and the teaching staff of the school.

The role of the school governor and governing body is:

  • to take a strategic overview of school related issues;
  • to set a broad framework within which the headteacher can work;
  • concerned with the general oversight of the conduct of the school.

Please note: The headteacher is responsible for the organisation and management within the school.

As a school governor we are expected to:

  • Work as a member of the governing body for the best interests of the school;
  • Attend the regular meetings and special meetings of the governing body;
  • Serve on committees which deal with the governing body’s legal obligations;
  • Become familiar with general educational issues and developments;
  • Take an interest in school activities;
  • Promote the school within the local community;
  • Commit time to the duties and responsibilities of a governor;

We are involved in:

  • staff appointments and discipline
  • pupil discipline
  • the school curriculum
  • the financial management of the school
  • school development plan and action plan
  • health and safety matters
  • governor training.

Governing Body Terms of Office

Terms of office for all Governors are 4 years, apart from the Headteacher and Trustees who are automatically members by virtue of office.

Previous Governing Body members were automatically transferred on the 01st April 2014 when the school converted to Academy status.

  • Local Authority Governors are appointed by the LA
  • Community Governors are appointed by the GB or elections
  • Parent Governors are elected by the GB or elections undertaken if we have more applicants than vacancies
  • Staff Governors are elected by colleagues


Burnage Academy for Boys – Board of Trustees

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Burnage Academy for Boys Board of Trustees 2019/20

Governors Attendance Record

Governors’ attendance to Governing Body and sub-committees’ meeting 2019-20

Trustees Reports and Financial Statements

The Trustees’ Latest Report and Audited Accounts can be accessed from the link below:

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Governor’s Portal

NB. The access to this portal is restricted to existing governors only.

To access governor resources, please use your username and password to login to

If you have forgotten your username or password, please contact


The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected at the Governors’ meeting in the Autumn. Governors can be contacted by parents via the School Office.

To contact us for any reason, please email: Alan Scott (Chair of Governors) using the email or use the contact form, marking your correspondence for the attention of the governors.

Alternatively, please tel: +44 (0)161 432 1527 or fax: +44 (0)161 442 2366 and leave a message.

We will respond ASAP.