We believe that regular homework is a great help in assisting a student’s learning.

Each student has a Homework Timetable, provided at the beginning of the school year, which gives a list of the subjects for which homework is set, and the evenings on which the homework should be done.

The boys all have planners and these are used to record their homework. It provides a useful check for parents who can thus ensure that homework is being set and completed by their sons.

We recognise that it is easier for some students than for others to have a time and place for homework.

If there are any difficulties about a child’s ability to do his homework, or any other queries about homework, please get in touch with your son’s Head of House. We will do all we can to help. There is a regular Homework Club for all students which takes place at the end of school.

In Key Stage 4 students are offered a programme of Revision Classes in order to enhance the learning required of their GCSE courses.

Additional homework packs are available for any student who wants extension activities. You just have to ask.