BAfB House System

Every pupil who attends Burnage Academy For Boys is member of a House. Each house is made up of pupils from across year groups and is identified by a different colour tie. Boys remain in the same house for the duration of their time at school. There are four houses at Burnage Academy For Boys:


Rowan – Red,   Oak – Green,   Maple – Gold,   Ash – Silver         


The house system allows pupils to receive the best pastoral care and academic monitoring, whilst also encouraging group loyalty and teamwork with competitive events such as sports day and inter-house sports competitions. With a wide range of activities available, the house system promotes wider participation and interaction with pupils from all years.

The house system embodies the values of the school, encouraging each pupil to ‘be the best they can be,’ and forms an integral part of the school community. Pupils who are actively engaged in the house system will develop a sense of belonging and achievement outside the classroom.

Each house is affiliated to a charity for which they fundraise and support throughout each academic year. Pupils and parents are encouraged to get involved, with activities ranging from collections and sponsorship to community events hosted by the school.

Each house also has a Year 11 House Captain who is selected to assist with organisation and development. The House Captains (along with their Prefect teams) will regularly present parts of assemblies and are expected to have a positive presence around school.

House Leaders

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