How To Log Into School Emails And Microsoft Teams

It is essential that students who have been sent home to self isolate keep up with their school work during the time spent away from school.

BAfB use SWAY and Microsoft Teams to deliver lesson plans, tasks and resources and Office 365  tools for students to complete the work on their tablets or computers. Every student has been supplied with a school email address and password to access these tools. If students do not know their school emails or passwords they should contact their form tutor ASAP so they are ready to work from home if required. 


Thank you to Mahmoud from Y11 for making this video explaining how to log into Office 365 for all your school work needs while working from home.


Watch the video above and/or follow these instructions using some screen shots taken from the video:


1) Type ‘Office 365’ into Google search engine and select the link to 


2) Sign in to Office 365* using the email and password given to you by school. 


*NB. When asked if you would like to save the login details, do NOT save the login details on a public computer – e.g. from a computer at school.

If you do not know your email or password, please contact your form tutor by phoning the office on 0161 432 1527.


3) Office 365 Workspace

Use the navigation on the left to use the tools you will need to know what work you have been set, to do the work and submit the work for marking.

  • Use ‘Outlook’ to email work to teachers and see their feedback on work submitted.
  • Use ‘Teams’ to see what work has been set for you to complete at home.


4) To use ‘Teams’ you will need to choose to use ‘The Windows App’ or  ‘The Web App’.


The Windows App is an application that is installed on your computer.  The web app is hosted online.

If you are working on your own device (tablet/computer) that is not shared, you might want to install the app so that you can easily access Teams from your start menu without having to go to Office 365 first and without having to sign-in each time (if you do not sign out of the app each time).


However, if you are using a shared device – e.g. from a public computer at school –  you should NOT use the app because Teams uses Modern Authentication so even when you sign out someone else may be able to sign back in without inputting your password.

For more information on Modern Authentication, please see


5) Signing in Using the web app.

a) Enter your email/password as prompted.

b) If you are using a shared device, do NOT allow Microsoft to keep you signed in.


c) Your home screen will look something like this with teams you are part of shown as blocks on the home screen.

d) To receive notifications from Teams, you can turn on desktop notifications (via the invitation to turn them on in bottom right of screen).

e) To follow instructions per team, click the team block.


f) To log out of Office 365 and Teams

NB. Even after clicking ‘do not stay signed in’ when logging in (see step 5b), you must sign out of ALL accounts (‘Office 365’ and ‘Teams’) on any shared device to protect your privacy because it is sometimes possible to log back in on the same device without re entering your password due to cache if you simply shut the app without logging out.




If you require any further help logging into Office 365 or Teams, please contact your form tutor.