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Members of Teaching Staff


Ms R. Taylor - Head of Maths
Ms D. Flitcroft - Maths Teacher
Ms V. Horne - Maths Teacher / SEN Coordinator
Mr S. Roscoe - Maths Teacher
Ms J. Furlong - Maths Teacher / KS4 Coordinator
Mr M. Khan - Lead Teacher
Mr U. Saleem - Maths Teacher / KS3 Coordinator
Ms D. Broderick - Assistant Head / Maths Teacher
Ms G. Stark - Maths Teacher
Mr R. Lundy - Maths Teacher 
Mr C. Edwards - Maths Teacher 
Mr P. Shrestha - Maths Teacher



Ms E. Brown - Joint Head of English Faculty
Ms H. Carter - Assistant Head / English Teacher
Mr M. Spann - English Teacher
Mr C. Lewis – English Teacher
Ms C. MacIntyre – English Teacher
Ms L. Guisasola – English Teacher
Ms E. Meyer – Head of Milner Literacy Initiative
Ms S. Graham – English Teacher / Gifted and Talented coordinator
Ms A. Pearson – English Teacher / SEN coordinator



Mr B. Hazzard - Head of Science Faculty
Ms S. Hardy - Joint Second in Science
Mr M. Cooper - Science Teacher / KS4 coordinator
Ms K. Mason - Joint Second in Science
Ms L. Smith - Lead Teacher  
Ms A. Sacks - Science Teacher 
Ms N. Mohamed - Science Teacher  
Ms E. Palin - Science Teacher / KS3 coordinator
Ms D. Stephenson - Science Teacher
Ms C. McHugh - Science Teacher
Mr A. Ahmed - Lead Teacher
Mr I Ross - Deputy Head  / Science Teacher
Ms K. Al-Rawni - Science Teacher
Ms K. Maysmoor - Science Teacher / SEN coordinator


Modern Foreign Languages

Mr G. Morrison - Head of Faculty
Mr M. Younas - Head of Urdu
Mr J. Musampa - Teacher of French
Mr A. Khan - Teacher of Urdu
Ms S. Hassall - Teacher of French


Performing Arts

Ms A. Boyd - Head of Arts and Performance
Ms L. Durici - Head of Music
Ms J. Spencely - Head of Art
Mr R. Lawther - Teacher of Drama
Mr B. Sumner - Art Teacher



Mr S. Morrissey - Head of Technology Faculty
Ms Y. Ahmed - Teacher of ICT
Mr S. Bentley - Head of Design & Technology
Ms C. Doyle - Teacher of Food Technology
Mr L. Crowther - Teacher of Food Technology
Mr P. Iqbal - Teacher of DT & Resistant Materials / Head of Pastoral Team
Ms A. Hughes - Teacher of Design & Technology
Mr J. Hyde - Teacher of D&T and ICT


Physical Education

Mr A. Trainor - Head of Dept
Mr J. Hylton - Teacher of PE
Mr P. Johnson - Teacher of PE
Mr D. Lingenfelter - Assistant Headteacher / Teacher of PE
Mr S. Pigeon - Teacher of PE



Ms M. Wiener - Head of Faculty
Ms D. Atherton-Spence - Head of SRS
Ms Z. Clarke - Teacher of SRS
Mr M. Rogers - Assistant Headteacher / Teacher of History
Ms J. Gillen - Teacher of History
Mr S. Shropshire - Teacher of Business / ICT
Ms N. Duncalf - Acting Head of History
Mr P. Slater - Head of Business



Ms E. Farr - Head of Faculty
Ms M. Cregeen - EAL Teacher / Second in Faculty
Ms T. Khan - EAL Teacher / Teacher of English / Manager of year 11 INA Project


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