Reading from Home

Free Virtual Library Access

This is a perfect time for students to read, read, read, and they now have a choice of more than 5000 digital books!

There are books for EVERYONE; all reading interests and abilities, including the GCSE English texts.

Students can read or listen to them on a phone, tablet or computer.  Just click this link to access the myON reading program and login with your AR username and password:

This program links to your Accelerated Reader account, just click the ‘connect now’ button and it will find your ZPD level and reading preferences.

Here’s a short clip to help you with this:


If you have any problems or can not remember your AR username, please send me an email;


Reading List

Here is a link to a recommended reading list. This appears on a blog by our former colleague and expert on boys’ education, Mark Roberts.

Your son also has a reading list in his planner.


Audio Books

Audible have made all of their online audible books free for the duration of schools being closed.

Please register here and enjoy as many books as you like:

No log in or bank details are required.