Loreto Applicants 2020 Letter

BAfB recently received this letter from Loreto College outlining its support for Year 11 students during the upcoming months.


Dated 24th April 2020, it reads:

Dear Headteacher,

Before the Easter break, I contacted you with an update as to how Loreto College will be supporting
your year 11 students in the months ahead.

As you know, each student has been contacted individually and been reassured that their offer of a
place at Loreto is still available to them and secure.
We have now contacted all students holding an offer of a place at Loreto College, inviting them to
the courses page of the College website where they will find ‘Year 11 preparation for Study at Loreto
College’. Each subject sheet has a range of activities, tasks, research and wider reading that will best
prepare them to become Loreto students.

A link to the page: https://www.loreto.ac.uk/year-11-preparatory-work-for-study-at-college/
This preparatory work is really useful to do as it will help each individual explore their options for
College study. All courses will be finalised at enrolment after students have been awarded their
GCSE results.

We will be in contact with the students again as a new students of the college.

We are very much looking forward to supporting your students over the coming months and
welcoming them to Loreto in August.

Should you have any further queries, do not hesitate to use the contact us function of the website or
email office@loreto.ac.uk

With very best wishes
Mrs A Pritchard
Deputy Principal
Admissions Manager



Download a copy of the letter here