Message From The Headmaster



What every parent wants for their son is an outstanding education. Here at Burnage Academy for Boys we can show that we deliver just that.

Which school consistently tops the table for the progress of Boys? Which is the best in Manchester and well above the national average?

Which school in Manchester is on the cusp of being the UK’s sole representative at the Debate Mate World Championship in Japan in January 2019?

You may be surprised to find out that it is Burnage Academy for Boys.

At Burnage we believe that we must prepare our boys to be the best that they can be in a number of ways. The evidence confirms that we went them to achieve the best that they can academically. We must make sure that they learn well in every lesson, every day and achieve their best possible exam results. Whatever your son’s ability, we must help him be his very best.

Our results show we have done this for our boys better than any school in Manchester and better than the national average.

However, education is much more than just about passing exams. We want your son not just to have a keen sense of right and wrong but to choose right from wrong. We want him to be independent but not just to do whatever he wants but to act responsibly so that both his family and wider society benefit.

We want your son to have compassion for the world; to understand that we share a planet and have a responsibility to make it a better place. Of course, we all want our children to have good jobs, earn well and be happy but that is only half the story.

If your son comes to Burnage, we will aim to teach him how to act compassionately and give back to his society more than he gains from it. We will teach him to behave in a sustainable way, caring for those in our street, our town, indeed our world who have less.

We have three goals for your son: to achieve his best possible exam results; always to behave responsibly; always to be a compassionate, caring individual.