Phased Return To School

We hope you and your families are still keeping well and are pleased to be able to inform you about the arrangements for your son’s return to school from the 8th March 2021.

Return to School & Attendance

The safety of staff and students at the school in this pandemic is our overwhelming priority. Therefore, to allow comprehensive Covid-19 testing of all who have consented, students will return to school in a staggered manner in full uniform over the course of the week commencing 8th March at the following times:

  • Monday 8th March – Year 11 start back at 9:15am
  • Tuesday 9th March – Year 10 start back at 9:15am
  • Wednesday 10th March – Year 9 start back at 9:15am
  • Thursday 11th March – Year 8 start back at 9:15am
  • Friday 12th March – Year 7 start back at 9:15am

Our remote learning curriculum through Microsoft Teams will stay in place up until the day your son returns. Should we have to send groups of students home to self-isolate
at any time in the future due to Covid-19, work will be provided for them through Microsoft Teams. Finally, from w/c 15th March the usual attendance policies will be in
operation regarding punctuality and attendance at school being compulsory for your son.

Covid-19 Safety Measures

The reason for this staggered start is to allow us to carry out large scale Covid-19 testing for students where families have consented to this. We encourage families to consent to Covid-19 testing as a way of preventing the spread of the virus. If you have not yet consented to your son being tested but wish to consent now, please check your school texts and return the form electronically through our MyED app or by emailing it to by Wednesday 3rd March.

If you are interested in volunteering to help with our Covid testing please contact Ms. R. Wadeson, Assistant Headteacher, directly on 07964 005664 or by email

Students will still be in the same ‘year bubbles’ they were in from September 2020 with break times and lunch times remaining the same. Students will still use the same
entrance and exit doors which they were using previously to come and go from site.

The school day will also still end at the following times

  • Year 7 – 2:45pm
  • Year 8 – 2:55pm
  • Year 9 – 3:00pm
  • Year 10 – 3:10pm
  • Year 11 – will have lesson 6 until 4:00pm apart from Friday, when they will finish
  • at 3:15pm

Face Coverings

As per Government guidance, students will now have to wear a facemask in all areas of our building including corridors and all classrooms. Facemasks can be removed
when students are outside at break, taking part in practical PE lessons or when they are sitting down to eat in our dining rooms at lunch.

We would ask that parents purchase a face mask for their son as the school only has limited supplies for those who forget to bring these to school. They can be purchased online and at most local shops and pharmacies.

We still encourage students to travel by foot, bicycle or car rather than bus if they can and we would like to remind parents that if their son displays any of the following
symptoms he must be kept off school and a Covid-19 test booked immediately through the NHS at

  • High temperature (fever, burning up, shivering, chills, sweats)
  • Continuous cough (coughing on and off constantly)
  • Loss of taste and/or smell

When To Isolate

We must also remind parents that if any member of the household displays these Covid-19 symptoms, the entire household must self-isolate until a negative test result
is returned.

If a member of the household does test positive for Covid-19, then the entire household must isolate for 10 days. In this case your son will receive an authorised absence mark and be able to learn remotely through MS Teams.

Take care, we look forward to seeing you all again very soon.


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