Pupils Send Support to Marcus Rashford

Pupils were motivated to send messages of support to Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford in response to his tribute being defaced in Withington. Pupils wrote letters and made posters, and Muhamed (Year 10) and Nawaf (Year 9) were invited down to the mural to speak to TalkSport about just why pupils felt so strongly about supporting the footballer after his charitable campaigns. 

We were interviewed by Sam Matterface, who had just returned from commentating on the European Football Championships for ITV, and former England and Manchester City player Trevor Sinclair. Both boys spoke brilliantly, outlining why Marcus is so admired by all across the community, and Mr Morrison shared some of our pupils' work with TalkSport's national audience of nearly 5 million people!

“We’ve been supporting Rashford because he’s such an icon in representing Manchester and we are super-proud of him and everything he has done,” said Nawaf.

We were only able to read a handful of messages out on air, so have included more from Year 9 below. If you'd like to listen again, the link is available here for now through the TalkSport website - skip to the final 10 minutes of the section to hear us.

  • Mistakes happen… you tried your best and that is what matters. Thank you for making the government take a U-turn. It helped a lot of families around the UK during lockdown, including my own.
  • You may feel guilt that you missed that penalty but the truth is you have tons of support and there are so many people around you that you can count on. Murtaza
  • Thanks to the hard work that you did last year, you were able to help many families in the UK. I am sure that everyone will agree with me that you are truly a magnificent person for being able to complete such a task as to change the government’s ideas about free school meals. I am truly amazed by how you use your platform for the good of the people instead of for yourself. It is a disgusting sight to see that a person like you, who has other people as his first thought, is getting such revolting comments on the internet. Erik
  • It takes a lot of courage to stand up and fight for your beliefs. This has inspired me to work harder and achieve great things. Soikot
  • Remember, you are a big inspiration to a lot of people. You put a smile on people’s faces. You have done something that a lot of people have not. Abdul
  • Who cares that you missed a penalty? It doesn’t change the fact that you helped lots of kids and their families. People damaged your mural, but lots more people fixed it and put positive messages on it, so I don’t want you to forget about all of us who support you. Mahad
  • That miss was nothing compared to all of the good things you have done, not for football but for the youth. You helped and stood up for those children who are less fortunate than others. You did this when nobody else did and that says something about who you are. Abir
  • No-one deserves this hatred, especially you. The opportunities that you have provided to the future generation, that don’t know where their next meal was coming from, is only one example out of the many things that you have done for this country. Keep your heads up, there is always the World Cup. Maybe then it will finally be coming home. Salah
  • Even though you have faced this racist abuse you have stayed strong and I admire you for that. Arham
  • You are an inspiration to a lot of people and loved – so ignore the racism and stay strong. Sajid
  • No-one can forget about how much work you have done for so many people. You never know really how much you can mean to a person. Keep your head up and block the hate. Stay positive. Maaz
  • This disgusting behaviour doesn’t represent England as a whole and us as people. True England fans will always support you and will always have your back. Jamal
  • For us you are a hero and we will support you forever. Sheryar
  • You are the one people look up to and even if you’re getting hate, you’re pushing through and ignoring. You prove to young people that racism shouldn’t affect anyone and we should be proud of the colour of their skin. Aayan
  • I don’t personally follow football but I know you do good work and hope you keep it up. You might not know how much you inspire other people to be like you. Rehan

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