Year 7 and 8 Parents Invited to Meet Form Tutors

We are delighted to be able to welcome you as a Year 7/8 parent into school for our 2021 Welcome Evening. This will take place on the 23rd September from 4:30pm until 7:00pm and you will be able to:

  • Meet the Senior Leadership Team of the school.
  • Meet your son’s Form Tutor and House Leader – your first points of contact in the school.
  • Meet the school SENCO for further information on support for your son.
  • Collect your parent log-in details for our behaviour and achievement system ClassCharts.
  • Meet our Year 11 Prefect Team to find out more about daily life in the school.
  • Join us for refreshments in our dining room

Your son will also be able to take you around the school to show you the outstanding building and facilities he is educated in daily. The Headteacher, Mr. Harrison, will also be speaking with parents at 4:45pm and again at 6:00pm to welcome you formally to the school and outline how we can work together to make sure your son is the best he can be.

Click here to book your appointment with your son’s form tutor. List of Form Tutors and rooms:

7B - Ms Roberts (1.56)
7U - Ms Brown & Ms Shaju (1.64)
7R - Ms Leonard (1.55)
7N - Mr Stainton (1.52)
7A - Mr Khan (1.26)
7G - Ms Aina (1.39)
7E - Ms Moran (G.28)
7F - Mr Hyde (G.55)
8B - Ms Stark (1.28)
8R - Mr Agnew (G.15)
8A - Ms McIntosh (1.38)
8G - Mr Sumner (G.44)
8E - Ms Pajak & Ms Farooq (1.11)
8F - Ms Noreen & Mr Bentley (G.57)

Remember - we also have our Open Evening on Thursday 30 September, where you'll be able to meet a range of other staff and see some of the activities that your son will be doing in school. Click here for details of the Open Event.

We look forward to seeing you in school!

Oct 22
🙂 We've caught Miss Moran taking these to her form today. So kind! It's been a great half-term and we hope you all…
Oct 22
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