Year 8 and Year 9 attended an Anti-Discrimination workshop style assembly delivered by ‘WeStandTogether’. Pupils enjoyed a thought-provoking assembly that covered discrimination, prejudice, stereotypes and what we can all do to challenge this and make our society a fairer place for all.

We spoke to some of our staff and pupils after the workshop:

  • "I really enjoyed the assembly and appreciated the fact that it was interactive. It allowed us to discuss ideas and listen to others."
  • "The workshop built on and developed what we have been doing in pastoral lessons. It was good as it gave practical tips on how to challenge discrimination without violence."
  • "We learnt about different types of discrimination like ageism, which was good."
  • "We learnt how to not judge someone."
  • "We discussed that people around us will be different, but we must have tolerance and not hate each other."
  • "Some of the questions and comments from the pupils were brilliant. It says a lot that pupils were comfortable enough to ask the questions they did, and do it so respectfully."

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