In accordance with the most recent government guidance, all students will begin a phased return to school from 8th March. Remote learning through Microsoft Teams will continue until students are onsite. Read our letter to parents and carers here

Please note the start date for your son's year group:

Monday 8th March: Y11 pupils

Tuesday 9th March: Y10 pupils

Wednesday 10th March: Y9 pupils

Thursday 11th March: Y8 pupils

Friday 12th March: Y7 pupils

If your son has been attending as part of the key worker / vulnerable group, he attends from Monday 8th March as normal and will be taught in this group until his full year group returns.


When Students Must Stay home to Isolate

If ANY member of the household has Covid-19 symptoms you must ALL self-isolate and that person must get a test. Do not send any of your children into school.

If the test is positive you must ALL continue to self-isolate for 14 days from the date that person who tested positive first got symptoms. Absence from school in these circumstances will be authorised but you must call school to let us know. If other members of the family show symptoms, they must also get a test.

Audio Instructions | آڈیو ہدایات | অডিও নির্দেশাবলী | Tilmaamaha maqalka| تعليمات صوتية

1. "When students must stay home to isolate"

2. “جب طلبا کو خود کو الگ تھلگ رکھنا چاہئے”

3. "যখন শিক্ষার্থীরা নিজেরাই আলাদা থাকতে পারে"

4. “Markay tahay inay ardaydu guriga joogaan si ay keligood u go'doomiyaan”

5. “عندما يجب على الطلاب البقاء في المنزل لعزل أنفسهم”

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