The school day is composed of 5 lessons, each lasting 60 minutes. It is very important that all students arrive to all classes and registration on time and ready to learn.

Turning up late without good reason is not only disrespectful to our teachers who plan lessons according to make the most of every minute available to them but it is also disruptive and inconsiderate to fellow students who want to learn.

Students that are regularly late for a lessons will be noted and parents will be informed. Students will also have to make up missed learning time at break, lunch or after school.

School Day - from September 2021

AM Form Time 8.30 – 8.45

Period 1 8.45 – 9.45

Period 2 including break 9.45 – 11.00

KS3 break 10.45 – 11.00

KS4 break 9.45 – 10.00

Period 3 11.00 – 12.00

Period 4 including lunch 12.00 – 1.30

KS3 lunch 1.00 – 1.30

KS4 lunch 12.00 – 12.30

Period 5 13.30 – 14.30


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