Accelerated Reading

Accelerated Reader Overview

Accelerated Reader is a reading program that engages and encourages our pupils to read independently on a regular basis. It provides teachers and pupils with essential information about reading ability. This information guides our pupils to select appropriate books from our school library or their local library. The program helps to promote habitual reading for pleasure, whilst improving the reading skills of our pupils at optimum rate. Pupils are also able to check their understanding of the books they read through interactive book quizzes and build their word-count throughout the school year. The aim is to try to become a word-millionaire by the end of the school year!

How it works

  • All of our pupils in years 7-10 complete Star Tests at regular intervals throughout the year
  • Star Tests provide them with their individual reading-level
  • Pupils read independently, for 20 minutes EVERY day
  • Pupils complete AR quizzes on books that they’ve read, either at school or at home
  • Pupils can access their AR account, using their school username and password, by clicking the link below.



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