Aspire Programme

We aim to develop a school where all children are valued and can achieve success – enabling them to make a positive contribution to the community.

At Burnage Academy for Boys we believe that all children are entitled to an education that will enable them to develop their full potential, be that intellectual, physical, aesthetic, creative, emotional, spiritual or social, finding appropriate challenge in our learning environment.

All students have individual needs, which puts personalised learning at the heart of our teaching and learning.
Burnage Academy for Boys is committed to providing a sufficiently challenging curriculum for all its students. In addition, we will provide opportunities to identify and in turn nurture those who are more able and their abilities.

Students who we feel may benefit from being part of our Aspire programme will have opportunities aimed at helping prepare for adult life and the world of work. This will include extra-curricular activities, careers guidance and counselling, visits to industries of interest, FE and HE as well as work experience opportunities.

Students on the Aspire Programme will be referred to as Academic Leaders as this is in keeping with the school values of Independence, Resilience and Care.


In defining what is meant by the term ‘more able’, we have adopted the following definitions:
• Those students who achieve, or have the ability to achieve, above average in one or more subject areas or domains. This might be in a curriculum area such as mathematics, music, art or sport or be a less easily acknowledged talent such as leadership, creative imagination or social maturity.
• Those students who possess a general academic learning ability that is significantly greater than that of most of their peers.
The above list is, of course, not exhaustive and students may display exceptional abilities in a wide number of areas.


The more able cohort will be no more than 10% of each year group and will be a true reflection of the school, in terms of ethnicity and socio-economic status. Identification of the cohort will be made through:
• Information from any previous schools.
• Internal and external assessment and testing.
• Teacher nomination based on subject specific checklists and departmental criteria.
• Parent/peer/self-nomination.

Department Involvement

All departments will be aware of students who are on the Aspire programme and will take their needs into account when considering extra-curricular opportunities, careers week and how they may need stretching within the curriculum.


We will evaluate our Aspire provision by using student voice as well as auditing departmental areas as to the opportunities they have offered. The Lead teacher will monitor pupil progress and feedback to Leadership any concerns.


We aim to provide a full enrichment programme for more able pupils (and in doing so for many other pupils also) within and outside of the curriculum. We will provide this through:
• Outside the Box – a series of lectures that are offered by staff which are delivered in the style of a seminar. These are aimed at our Academic Leaders but are accessible to all students.
• Speakers and presentations to support critical thinking
• HE and FE visits exploring subjects and venues appropriate for students needs and interests.
• Scheduled meetings with key staff to provide additional guidance and support.


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