Due to positive Covid-19 cases in the school community, some pupils need to self-isolate. All pupils who have been sent home to isolate must get a PCR test. Pupils must continue to isolate, even if the PCR test is negative.

  • Some Y7 and Y9 pupils return on 21st June 2021
  • Some Y7 / Y8 / Y10 pupils return on 22nd June 2021
  • Some Y7 pupils must isolate until 25th June.
  • Some Y9 pupils to return on 28th June

All lessons for pupils in self-isolation will be on MS Teams from 15th June.

Behaviour And Respect

The school has a clear set of behaviour etiquettes or habits which are aimed at developing the core values of resilience, independence and care in our students.


We place great value on the school as a community, with partnership between students, parents and teachers being key to a safe and harmonious community.

We have a mantra of ‘catching the pupils following the values’ with staff being encouraged to praise and recognise this through praise postcards, ClassCharts positive points, pupil of the fortnight awards and regular praise assemblies. 

Burnage Academy for Boys does not accept any disruption of learning and is clear in how we define and respond to unacceptable conduct which goes against our school values.

Likewise, we have a zero tolerance response to any acts of hatred against another in the school community including bullying of any sort

Our student and staff feedback shows that our approach to behaviour and respect creates a safe space in school where all can learn and flourish.

For more details about behaviour please see see our Policies Page.


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