School Meals

All students are able to have a healthy, freshly-cooked lunch in the school dining room if they wish. Lunches are served daily between 11:45am and 12:20pm.

We provide a range of meals and cater for individual diets. Halal and vegetarian dishes are available daily for those who prefer them. Please contact the school if you wish to discuss specific food intolerances or allergies.

Information on free school meals (Please click)

Provision is made for students to eat a packed lunch which they have brought from home. There is also a Fast Food bar selling sandwiches. The school operates a healthy eating policy and sells bottled waters rather than carbonated soft drinks.

Students must stay on the premises throughout the school day and are not able to leave the premises for lunch.

We urge all parents/guardians to claim free school meals for your sons if they are eligible, so that we can provide pupils with a lunch free of charge.

We can then claim the additional funding available to the school per eligible pupil, which we use to support your child’s education and ensure that they reach their full potential.

For more information about free school meals: Manchester City Council free school meals

For more information benefits and support: Manchester City Council benefits and support


Our classics menu works on a three-week cycle to make sure there is variety and choice.
For reference – the menus will stay until October half term in the first instance. Any changes will be only for special dates or emergencies due to delivery shortages.




At Burnage, we operate a completely cashless system and provide each pupil with a personalised dining card. When this is presented at the till for payment, food and drinks can be purchased without the need to use physical money.

Each pupil has an individual account that must be kept in credit by the child’s parent or carer. At no time is any monetary value stored on the card itself. If a card is lost or stolen, any value will be transferred onto a replacement card.

Students on free meal entitlement will also be issued with a card. The value of their meal will go on to the card each day and can only be spent at lunch time. Free meal cards can also have money added.

The benefits to parents are:

  • The burden of finding change each day is removed.
  • Money in the pupil account can only be spent in the school dining hall.
  • There is less chance of money being lost.

NB: It is important that students have their cards with them every day. In the event of a card being lost, a replacement car will have to be paid for by the parent/carer via ParentPay.

All financial transactions at Burnage are made through an online payment system called “ParentPay”, a service that means parents/carers can quickly pay for their son’s school meals, replacement ties or planners, and/or other school activities either online using debit or credit cards or using cash in a local store using PayPoint.

It’s simple, safe, convenient and your child no longer needs to carry cash into school. For more details, please see our // ParentPay page


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