Due to positive Covid-19 cases in the school community, some pupils need to self-isolate. All pupils who have been sent home to isolate must get a PCR test. Pupils must continue to isolate, even if the PCR test is negative.

  • Some Y7 and Y9 pupils return on 21st June 2021
  • Some Y7 / Y8 / Y10 pupils return on 22nd June 2021
  • Some Y7 pupils must isolate until 25th June.
  • Some Y9 pupils to return on 28th June

All lessons for pupils in self-isolation will be on MS Teams from 15th June.

School Uniform

e want our students to look smart and to be proud of their school. We also want parents to feel that the uniform is good value for money and easy to maintain. We believe that we have achieved this with our traditional but smart blazer, shirt and tie uniform.

We Require Our Students To Wear

  • School Blazer with logo
  • School Jumper with logo
  • House Tie
  • Black Trousers
  • White Shirt
  • Black Shoes

The uniform can be purchased directly from; M.C.S. Stores 220 Fog Lane, (Just off Kingsway) Didsbury, Manchester M60 6EL

Please Note

Free blazer

- If you have accepted your Y7 place here, you will receive a voucher that entitles you to a free Burnage school blazer. This can only be redeemed at MCS Stores.

Free tie

- Y7 students will be given a free Burnage Academy tie on their first day at school.

Clothing for PE Lessons

For PE lessons it is necessary to have suitable clothing for reasons of hygiene and practicality.

Since PE lessons may take place indoors or outdoors, we recommend appropriate clothing for each situation.

Students are Expected to Wear

  • School Polo Shirt with Logo
  • Black Shorts
  • Blue Socks

Click an image to open the poster bigger in a new window. Or use the links below:

 Burnage Academy For Boys uniform price list

 MCS Stores early bird offer 

To go to MCS Stores to use the early bird offer, click here https://mcsstores.co.uk/ 


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