Due to positive Covid-19 cases in the school community, some pupils need to self-isolate. All pupils who have been sent home to isolate must get a PCR test. Pupils must continue to isolate, even if the PCR test is negative.

  • Some Y7 and Y9 pupils return on 21st June 2021
  • Some Y7 / Y8 / Y10 pupils return on 22nd June 2021
  • Some Y7 pupils must isolate until 25th June.
  • Some Y9 pupils to return on 28th June

All lessons for pupils in self-isolation will be on MS Teams from 15th June.

Learning From Home

In response to government guidance, we now provide a comprehensive package of home learning for any students required to self-isolate. Each student has been provided with a unique account on Microsoft Office365 and can access lessons, resources and make contact with their teachers. Further resources are also available below.

It is essential that students who have been sent home to self isolate keep up with their school work during the time spent away from school.

BAfB use Office 365 to deliver lesson plans, tasks and resources and includes all the tools for students to complete the work on their tablets or computers. Every student has been supplied with a school email address and password to access these tools. If students do not know their school emails or passwords they should contact their form tutor ASAP so they are ready to work from home if required.


      Login to Office 365 here

      Microsoft support for parents and carers is available here 

      Microsoft support for students is available here

      Further information from UK Safer Internet Centre can be found here


      Whilst schools continue to be affected by Coronavirus, we have created a specific policy to address any safeguarding issues during this period. Please see COVID Safeguarding. Please see COVID Safeguarding.


      Pupils and parents struggling to cope with the stress and anxiety caused by Coronavirus may find the following resources useful. Click here


      Aged 11-16? Our school nurses are still here to help with all kinds of things in these unsettling times. For more information on the NHS Chathealth service please see https://burnage.manchester.sch.uk/chathealth/


      In response to questions about working remotely, some of our prefects have explained the school's expectations about learning from home. They have provided some helpful guidance for students in each year group.

      Hear our Head Boy's message to Year 11 here: 

      Click on the required link to hear the message for that year group. The video will open in a new window.

      Year 7     Year 8      Year 9      Year 10

      For more information about Remote Learning: Information For Parents and Curriculum Plans, please click here


      BBC Bitesize provides useful revision lessons for all subjects in every year group. They feature a mix of videos, animations, practice activities, quizzes and games and have been created with teachers and other educational experts.

      Access these optional resources here: Bitesize Daily Lessons


      All members of our school community, (students, staff and families), need to work together to ensure that students are able to access work, complete work and stay safe – together we will ensure our boys will be the best they can be. To help parents help their sons, we have put together some useful information which can be found here.


      To cope with expected increases in parental concern, we ask please email the office for further clarification on office@burnage.manchester.sch.uk. Please only phone if you do not have email access Tel: 0161 432 1527



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