Special Education Needs

The SEN Faculty
Faculty Ethos:

The SEN faculty supports students who have additional needs to achieve their full potential – by removing barriers, and making learning accessible for all.

The majority of support for students with special educational needs is delivered through differentiation by teaching staff and/or teaching assistants supporting pupils within the mainstream classroom. However, some students have significant needs which means they may be withdrawn for some extra intervention or placed in a temporary support class to aid their transition into year 7 from primary school.

During KS4, students can carry out qualifications at Entry Level and GSCE, where appropriate, in English, Maths and Science. ASDAN and BTEC level courses are also offered, suited to student interest and to promote independent living skills. This ensures the transition to FE colleges is as successful and meaningful as possible.

In addition to our intervention classes and teaching assistant support, we deliver a range of literacy interventions to boost students’ progress where appropriate.

Expert support:

Some of our students have specific needs which cannot be met by a teacher or teaching assistant. Therefore, we have the following professionals in school who may work with students with SEN:

  • Dr Bernice George – Educational Psychologist
  • Caroline Ritson – Specific Learning Difficulties Teacher
  • Sofia Bhutawala – Speech and Language Therapist
  • Ellie Bamber – Occupational Therapist
  • Anna Ryder – School Counsellor
The SEN Faculty:
  • Ms Emma Farr – SENCO
  • Ms Angela Lord – SEN Administrator
SEN Teachers:
  • Ms N Watt
  • Ms M Varachia
  • Ms E McIntosh
  • Mr A Mitchell

A team of teaching assistants work across all faculties to provide specialised support to students to achieve to their full potential.


For more information on BAfB Special Education Needs Policy please see our School Policies page.