Student Post – About Our School Council

Written by Ruben, lead of our Communication team

We have been a member of the Smart School Council Community since September 2017. This system works differently to traditional school councils: every student is a member, students lead change rather than watch it happen, and students can take action rather than be passive members of the community.

We are proud to present, our School Council.

It is split into three parts:

  1. Class meetings
  2. Communication team
  3. Action teams

Class meetings

Class meetings happen regularly in form time and give everyone a voice. Students are given a question to discuss in groups then vote on their agreed answer. For example, we asked, “What type of enrichment activities would you like to be offered by the school?” and most students voted for team sports. Staff listened to students and made additional sports available.

The Communication team

The communication team is a student-led group that lets everyone know what’s happening around the school. Students are trained in specific roles, for example, meeting with senior staff regularly, producing a termly newsletter, and setting up the class meetings using an online tool. There is also a social media updater who uses Twitter to share all the latest action (@BAFBSC).

Action teams

Action teams are a chance to make change happen and are led by students. They can be permanent or temporary and are aimed to allow students to develop hobbies or campaigns into clubs that others can be part of. Burnage action teams have included charity fundraising, art, science, puzzles, football and more.

A student with a good idea will become the action team leader. With the support of a teacher, they fill out an application form, make a poster and keep a register when they meet their group. Leaders who successfully do this for a term or more will receive an award.

“Smart Schools Councils is a way to involve every student in the school – not just a small group of pupils deciding for others. It’s a way to include all voices in your school. Meetings take place in every form and the Communication Team help to pick the question and decide on actions.”- Greg Sanderson, Smart School Councils.