School Leadership Team


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Mr J Shepherd, Assistant Headteacher

  • Headteacher
    Mr. K. Harrison
  • Deputy Headteachers
    Ms. H. Carter
    Mr. M. Rogers
  • Assistant Headteachers
    Mr. D. Lingenfelter
    Ms. D. Broderick
    Ms. R. Wadeson
  • Director of Finance
    Mr. T. Merzougui

In addition to the Management Team the management and administration of the school is based on a structure of Pastoral and Subject responsibilities.


  • Head of Behaviour
    Mr. P. Iqbal
  • Head of Careers
    Ms. A. Boyd
  • Head of House
    Ms. S. Cottrill (Ash)
    Mr. C. Lewis (Maple)
    Ms. C. McNair (Oak)
    Mr. R. Lawther (Rowan)
  • Head of Faculty
    Mr. J. Shepherd (English)
    Ms. R. Taylor (Mathematics)
    Ms. E. Palin (Science)
    Ms. M. Wiener (Humanities)
    Mr. G. Morrison (Languages)
    Mr. S. Bentley (Technology)
    Mr. A. Trainor (Physical Education)
    Ms. E. Farr (SEN & SENCO)
    Ms. K. Horne (SENCO)
  • Transition Coordinator
    Ms. C. Doyle
  • Professional Mentors
    Miss E. Brown (NQT)
    Miss H. Roberts (ITT)