The Sharp System


There are many reasons why young people decide not to talk about incidents of bullying. These include not feeling comfortable talking face to face, a general lack of confidence, fear, peer pressure and feeling scared in case someone sees them talking in the school’s office to name but a few.

That is why BAfB is proud to be part of the SHARP Anti Bullying System in school.

SHARP stands for Student Help Advice Reporting Page. The SHARP system allows young people to report any incidents which occur within the school and local community anonymously and without fear.

SHARP can be used by students to report incidents they have been involved in or incidents concerning other students they are concerned about.

SHARP is anonymous –students do not have to leave your information if they choose not to unless they require help.

The SHARP System is not just a school system; it can be used at home as well as at school. SHARP can be used on phones, tablets, consoles or any device with an Internet connection.

To visit SHARP and submit a report – please use the following link


Please help us keep our school a safe, friendly and fun place to be.