Letters From Year 7 Students

We know that moving up to secondary school is an exciting change that can also make people feel worried. In order to reassure you, some of our current Year 7 students have written letters that outline their experiences of transition to Burnage Academy for Boys.

Letter From Soban

Dear Year 6 Students,

I know moving up from Year 6 to Year 7 is a big thing. That is why I am here to help you embark on that journey. When you first join, you might be scared and nervous, but you will soon get over it. You will realise that you are in an encouraging environment, full of friends.

The teachers in the school are really helpful, which makes every lesson fun and exciting. If you’re worried about getting lost then don’t! The teachers will give you clear instructions about where to go. Also, if you’re an ambitious student and you’re aiming to be head boy, the teachers can help you get beyond your goal.

When I first came, I was worried about making friends because I was the only one coming to Burnage from my primary school, but I found that there were friends everywhere, even out of class.

My advice is: aim for the best, stay focused and work hard to achieve your goals.

Best wishes,

Dear Y6 from Soban

Letter From Sami

Dear Year 6 Students,

I am writing a letter to help you with some of your worries because as you are going to be the new Year 7, you might need some help. Going from primary school to secondary school is a big change and it could be challenging for many people.
Before I started school, I was worried about making friends, so I hung out with my cousins. Then I saw one of my best friends and he was with a new friend, so I met him and now all of us hang out.

When I started, it was easy to find my classes because if I got lost, I would just ask staff who are there to help me. It even has signs around the school to say where the departments are.

Another positive thing about this school is the behaviour is really good because when I was in Year 7 there was no bullying or fighting happening around the school.

If none of this helps you, then ask your teacher, because they will probably give you some really good pieces of advice.

Thank you for reading my letter, hopefully it helps you have a great day.


Dear Y6 from Sami

Letter from Abdullah

Dear Year 6 Students,

Welcome to Burnage Academy, my name is Abdullah.

When I came to this school I was worried about everything. Subjects, people, literally everything! Then I realised that it was all easy. What I did to make it easy was to start working with confidence. And I made it.

This school has very good teachers, and if you don’t understand something, you can ask them.

My advice to you: don’t look at what other people are doing, just focus on what you are doing.


Dear Year 6 From Abdullah

Letter from Anas

Dear Year 6 Students,

Something I was worried about before I began was being lonely, secluded and not having friends. In primary school, I was friends with a lot of people in since we basically grew up with each other and barely anybody moved to another school, that I knew of, so I was stuck with the same people each year and in each class so it was easy to make friends with people.

This wasn’t going to be the same case as high school and weeks before we moved I asked all of my friends where they were going to in high school, not to my surprise a lot of them were going to Manchester Academy. My closest friends went to William Hulme Grammar School, I tried entering and I got accepted but…I lived too far away. So I had to go to Burnage, and I knew I wasn’t going to make a lot of friends but to my surprise, people were welcoming and I made friends quickly. Only two people from my primary went to Burnage and I didn’t know both of them very well.

To begin with, the school is enormous – way bigger than most schools I’ve seen. The way classes are set up is really simple, in some schools it’s really complicated but Burnage made the structure pretty efficient. It took me about two days to get a hang of it.

Teachers are really kind and helpful, they’re not too lean and not too strict. When they teach you a new topic or subject that you’ve never heard of before, the make it really understandable.

Don’t stress too much over exams or tests, especially if they’re important. Stressing over tests is what usually makes people fail. I could’ve done better in some tests if I didn’t panic, stressing is just really annoying and time-consuming.


Dear Year 6 From Anas

Letter from Omar

Dear Year 6 Students,

When I started at secondary school I was worried about loads of homework.

I was surprised that there were loads of positives, such as: the older years are very helpful when you don’t know where to go, the staff made the transition very smooth, we got a reasonable amount of homework.

One piece of useful advice from me is that you shouldn’t be shy but be outgoing.


Dear Year 6 From Omar


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