Virtual Rewards Assembly

Not to be deterred by the school closure, the school held a virtual end of term reward assembly on Friday 22nd May as we had to miss ours at the end of March. Members of the Leadership, including the new Headteacher Mr. Harrison, gathered in the main reception area to draw etiquette reward cards out of Ash, Maple, Oak and Rowan boxes, in recognition of the excellent behaviour and effort from so many of our students during the time that the school was open between January and March 2020.

There were thousands of cards in the draw showing just how much effort all pupils have been putting in at school. The lucky few drawn out were:


Abbas 7B

Saif 7U

Muhammed 8U

Majid 10U

Ibrahim 10B

Ali 11U


Daud 8R

Ibraheem 9N

Musa 7N

Miraj 10N

Sufian 10N

Bilal 10N


Baker 9G

Ali 9G

Zahid 8G

Meer 10G

Warid 11A

David 11G


Mohammed 8E

Alham 9F

Anas 7E

Habibur 11F

Hamza 10E

Hamza 10F

Members of staff in the school will be popping around to winners’ houses over the next two weeks to drop off their vouchers – well done to all and we hope everyone is staying safe and keeping well.

Mr. Rogers