Year 10 Healthy Relationships – Collaboration with Levenshulme High

Last week 15 enthusiastic Year 10 Drama students from Burnage Academy teamed up with 15 Year 9 pupils from Levenshulme High School for Girls over the course of three days. Their job was to work in collaboration with Brook to deliver two interactive workshops at both schools on the subjects of healthy relationships and domestic violence.

Day 1 – Introductions: Pupils from Levenshulme came to Burnage to meet the boys. This was a bit daunting for both sets of pupils, going to single-sex schools, and so the day comprised of games and group work. After only an hour the pupils had bonded with each other and were ready to work!

Day 2- The day of the first performance: Burnage pupils made their way to Levenshulme High to meet with Brook and the Levenshulme girls. The Burnage boys assimilated into the school brilliantly and it was starting to look like the pupils had known each other for weeks already! After only one morning of group work, it was down to the dress rehearsals. It was amazing to see how quickly every pupil could remember their lines and deliver them in a convincing manner. The pupils had the freedom to design each scene and how it would be acted, but there was only time for two quick rehearsals before the final performance. The pupils delivered to Year 9 and the performance was a success! It was a quick march back to Burnage for the end of the day.

Day 3 – The final performance: The Levenshulme pupils returned to Burnage and the performance (after a few last-minute changes but with surprisingly little stress) was delivered to Year 9 in the Main Hall. The boys watching responded fantastically with some probing questions asked to the performing pupils at the end, who demonstrated the depth of their knowledge on the subject.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience for both sets of pupils – working outside their comfort zone with Brook, with tight deadlines, and producing an informative and interactive performance to both schools. Roll on next year!