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Covid-19 Information from BAfB

The safety and well being of our staff, students and visitors are our highest priority at Burnage Academy For Boys during the COVID-19 outbreak.


We will be implementing a phased return for pupils in order to embed fully our social distancing measures and ensuring all pupils understand the new systems in school – for more details of the measures we will be implementing, the new school day details and the phased return schedule, please see Social Distancing At School.

For parents, carers and students who might be worried about students returning to school or have questions about facemasks etc – please see our STUDENT VIDEOS & FAQS page.

If you have any questions about your son’s return to school, please contact his House Leader via

Government, NHS & Manchester Council Links


Coronavirus Update:

Pupils must self isolate for 14 days starting from the last contact they had with a pupil who has tested positive. When a pupil has been off school prior to being tested, the self isolation period lasts for 14 days from the last time they were at school.

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More Information About Y11 Being Sent Home To Self-Isolate

  30th September 2020   Dear Parent / Carer, Following further consultation with the Department of Education, we have been advised to exercise our reasonable judgement in order to keep staff and Y11 pupils at the school safe. This means your son needs to self-isolate. We will be in touch in the next few days […]

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A Y11 Pupil has Tested Positive For Corona Virus

  28th September 2020   Dear Parent / Carer, We have had to send some Y11 pupils home today following a positive Coronavirus test from a Y11 pupil. Public Health England and the Department of Education have advised us to send home only those pupils who were in the pupil’s classes or his form. Your […]

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Test & Trace Advice From The NHS

  Public Health England Letter for parents & carers about COVID-19 symptoms Public Health England have produced a letter for schools to distribute to parents which explains when a person requires a coronavirus test and what the symptoms of coronavirus are. The intention of the letter is to help prevent children being taken out of […]

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COVID 19- Health and Safety Risk Assessment for September 2020 Return

DRAFT COPY  School/ Setting Burnage Academy for Boys Date of Assessment 14/07/2020 Assessment Completed By K Harrison (Headteacher) , H Carter (Deputy Headteacher), M Rogers (Deputy Headteacher) T Merzougui (Director of Finance), K Cooper (Business Support Manager) Staying COVID Secure – Our Commitment We recognise the risk posed by Coronavirus (COVID-19) to our staff, pupils […]

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Transport and Attendance Arrangements At School From September 2020.

Letter sent: 27th August 2020 Dear Parent/Carer, I write to inform you about the transport and attendance arrangements at the school from September 2020. After such a prolonged absence from school, it is vital that your child’s attendance is as high as possible from this point to ensure his progress. To support this, I can […]

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Returning To School in Sept

We will be implementing a phased return for pupils in order to embed fully our social distancing measures and ensuring all pupils understand the new systems in school.
Return dates

  • Y7: Friday, 4th September
  • Y8: Wednesday, 9th September
  • Y9: Tuesday, 8th September
  • Y10: Monday, 7th September
  • Y11: Friday, 4th September

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