Exams information

How can you help your son to revise?

The exam season can be a stressful time for both parents and pupils. Where possible, please ensure your son has a quiet space to revise and work at home.

Your son has revision materials for all subjects – please discuss these with him and encourage him to show you his work. As well as revising, it is important that you son gets plenty of fresh air and exercise: this helps to alleviate stress, will improve his concentration and support his mental well-being.


What do I need to know about exams?

Morning 'AM' exams start at 9am and afternoon 'PM' exams start at 1pm. Students should aim to arrive 10 minutes before so they can be seated and ready to start on time. 

Students are expected to wear full school uniform for all examinations. 

Mobile phones and watches must be handed in to invigilators before the start of the exam or candidates may face disqualification.

GCSE results day for 2023 is on Thursday 24th August and will be held in school.


Please find guidance from the Exams Office for candidates below: