How To Ensure Your Son Has An Outstanding Education

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What can you do if you are not happy with the school that your son has been offered?
  • Phone Burnage Academy for Boys (0161 432 1527) to arrange an appointment to look around our school, alternatively just drop in when you are passing and we will take you around and answer any questions that you might have.
  • Ask previous students and their parents in your local community.


Next Steps:

If you want to choose Burnage Academy for Boys instead of the school you have been offered you will need to apply again for a school place.

You must write or email Manchester City council with the name of your preferred school (Burnage Academy for Boys).

Telephone: 0161 245 7166

School Admissions Children, Families and Education Directorate

PO Box 532 Town Hall Extension



Why Choose Burnage Academy For Boys?

Ofsted said:
  • ‘Year 11 pupils gain consistently strong results in their GCSE Exams.’
  • Leaders provide high quality education and care for pupils.’
  • ‘Pupils learn well and make substantial progress as a result of the excellent teaching they receive.’
  • ‘Pupils say they feel safe in the school.’
  • ‘The school is a harmonious community. Pupils accept and value each other.’
  • Pupils behave well in lessons, which helps all to learn.’


How does Burnage Academy for Boys compare with other local schools?
School Progress 8 Score
Burnage Academy for Boys 0.25
Trinity CofE High School -0.15
Parrswood High School 0.05
Manchester Academy -0.28
St Peters RC High School 0.06
Chorlton High School -0.14
Wright Robinson College -0.03
Loreto High School Chorlton -0.49
Cedar Mount Academy -0.66
Manchester Health Academy -0.68
Burnage Academy for Boys outperforms other schools for progress of boys and for GCSE results for Year11.
  • Burnage Academy for Boys Progress 8 Score: 0.26 (Above Average)
  • National Progress 8 Score for boys: -0.25 (National average)
  • % of pupils achieving Grade 5 in English and Maths: 37% (Manchester average for boys = 35.6%)
  • Progress 8 score for English: +0.46 (National average for boys: -0.44)
  • Progress 8 score for Maths: +0.35 (National average for boys: 0.00)
  • Progress for pupils with high prior attainment is in the top 10% of all schools nationally for English and MFL.
What will Burnage Academy for Boys do for your son?
  • We will provide your son with an outstanding academic education, recognized by Ofsted as outstanding.
  • We will help develop your son into a moral, respectful and productive member of society. Your son will be taught to conduct himself in a responsible and caring way in both his local and the wider communities.
  • We will provide a bus service, for the sole use of Burnage Academy for Boys students at the end of the school day, travelling from the school gates to your local area.
  • As part of our welcome, and as an introduction to the school we will provide each Year 7 student with;
    • A new school blazer and tie


Burnage Academy Will Not Let You Down

For more information and offline reading please download our  leaflets :


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