Update to School Uniform (Shoes)

Dear Parent/Carer,

We ask that our students display our values of resilience, independence and care at all times and feel proud to be a member of Burnage Academy for Boys. This should be reflected through the school uniform and a professional appearance.

As part of our efforts to maintain the highest standards in our Outstanding school and consistently improve, we are making a small change to our uniform policy. From September 2022, pupils will only be allowed to wear plain black trainer shoes or black shoes that are un-branded. All parts of the shoes must be black, including laces. Students should not wear shoes that have coloured parts, reflective strips or logos. Examples of acceptable and unacceptable shoes are provided below along with our full uniform guidance. Sports shoes are, of course, acceptable for PE lessons or extracurricular sports.

Looking smart supports our students to be better prepared for when they move to the next step of their journey and equips them for success in the wider community.

In accordance with our Uniform Policy, we strive to ensure that our school uniform is of reasonable cost and offers the best value for money for parents and carers.

All students are expected to attend in full school uniform and we appreciate the support of parents and carers in this respect. As per the Behaviour Policy, failure to follow the Uniform Policy is classed as misbehaviour and pupils will not be able to attend lessons without correct uniform.

Students have been informed of the changes in school and we thank you for your support. If you have any queries, please contact your son’s House Leader.

Yours faithfully,

K Harrison

Burnage Academy Uniform


  • Black school blazer with logo
  • House tie
  • Plain black school trousers
  • Plain white shirt (short or long-sleeved)
  • Plain black trainer shoes or black shoes that are un-branded and do not have a logo (all parts of the shoes must be black, including laces)


  • Black school jumper with logo
  • Outdoor coat (this must only be worn in outside spaces and must be kept in a bag when indoors)

Inappropriate Uniform

  • Shoes that have coloured parts, reflective strips or logos.
  • Open-toed sandals, sliders, or boots are not allowed to be worn in school
  • No jeans, leggings and tracksuits are allowed
  • No hooded tops are allowed, unless the branded PE hoodie is worn during sports lessons or fixtures

Examples of shoes that are acceptable and unacceptable


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