Returning To School in Sept

20th August 2020

Dear Pupils, Parents and Carers,

We hope you and your families are safe and well.

From September the government has said that all pupils must return to full time education. We will be implementing a phased return for pupils in order to embed fully our social distancing measures and ensuring all pupils understand the new systems in school.


Return dates
  • Y7: Friday, 4th September
  • Y8: Wednesday, 9th September
  • Y9: Tuesday, 8th September
  • Y10: Monday, 7th September
  • Y11: Friday, 4th September

Please note: Y7 should arrive by 09.15 and Y11 should arrive by 10.45 on Friday, 4th September. On all other days, Y11 must arrive by 09.15.

All other year groups need to arrive by 09.15 on their specified return date.


School day timings

In line with guidance from the Department of Education and Manchester City Council, we have adapted the timings of our school day. These timings are temporary and will be reviewed later in the term in line with any changes to Coronavirus guidelines.

Our new school day will run from 09.15 – 15.15.

Pupils must be in their form room by 09.15. If they arrive to form after this time, they will be registered as late.

It is necessary for us to have staggered finish times:

  • Y7 and Y8: 15.05
  • Y9: 15.10
  • Y10: 15.15
  • Y11: 16.00 (Monday – Thursday. Friday: 15.15)

Throughout September, Y11 will have an additional lesson of Maths / English from Monday – Thursday.

This will be with their Maths / English teacher – your son’s Maths and English teachers are best placed to ensure he will make rapid progress towards his GCSE examinations.

Maths and English are essential qualifications for your son to progress to the next stage of his education. In October, we will introduce additional lessons for all other subjects.


School day lessons – including Y11 Additional Maths / English

The school day will now run as follows:

  • 9:00 – 9:15am – entry into school
  • FORM TIME: 9:15am – 9:30am – Form time, ‘L’ if not in form by 9:15am. Your son will have an after school late detention if he arrives at form / lessons later than 9.15am.
  • PERIOD 1 and 1st BREAK: 9:30am – 10:45am – P1 and supervised break time – staggered between year groups
  • PERIOD 2: 10:45am – 11:45am
  • PERIOD 3 AND LUNCH: 11:45am – 1:15pm – P3 and lunch break – staggered across year groups
  • PERIOD 4: 1:15pm – 2:15pm
  • PERIOD 5: 2:15pm – 3:15pm – P5, Y7 /78 leave at 3:05pm, Y9 leave at 3:10pm, Y10 leave at 3:15pm
  • LESSON 6 – Y11 ONLY: 3.15pm – 4pm


Additional Maths / English Y11 Timetable
CLASS Y11 M & L Y11 N & P
w/c 7.9.20 English Maths
w/c 14.9.20 Maths English
w/c 21.9.20 English Maths
w/c 28.9.20 Maths English


Year group bubbles

Pupils will no longer be allowed to mix between year groups at break times. We will reduce movement around school by ensuring your son is taught in a year group bubble in a specific area of the school.

For some practical lessons, for example PE, your son will move to that specific area of the school. Your son will be based in the following areas:

  • Y7: Humanities
  • Y8: Main ground floor rooms
  • Y9: Science
  • Y10: Maths
  • Y11: English / MFL


Pupils must enter and exit the building in year group entrances:

Bubble area
Entry / Exit point
7 Humanities Student entrance
8 Ground floor classrooms plus 111 Main hall fire doors
9 Science Side fire doors near Science stairs: Stair Well E
10 Maths Fire doors near Maths: Stair Well A
11 English / MFL Back fire doors near English: Stair Well B


  • Pupils in Y7 – 9 must enter the school site by the main gate;
  • Pupils in Y10 and Y11 must enter the school site using the sports hall gate.



Your son will continue to study all of his subjects. Our curriculum will not be reduced.

At KS3 all pupils will have 30 minutes of reading built into their first lesson of the day. Reading is one of the most powerful methods of improving pupils’ vocabulary and enhancing their learning.


Break and lunch

Lesson 1 will run from 9.30 – 10.45 and will include a supervised 15 minute break:

  • 9:30am – 9:45am – Year 7
  • 9:45am – 10:00am – Year 8
  • 10:00am – 10:15am – Year 10
  • 10:15am – 10:30am – Year 9
  • 10:30am – 10:45am – Year 11

Lunch times will run as follows:

  • 11:45am – 12:15pm – Year 11 dining room
  • 12:15pm – 12:45pm – Year 7 dining room and Year 8 main hall
  • 12:45pm – 1:15pm – Year 9 main hall and Year 10 dining room

The same food will be served in both the main hall and in the dining room.

Break and lunch times will be fully staffed; however, it is your son’s responsibility not to mix with children from other year groups and help maintain the social distancing measures we have in place.

Where possible, pupils must stay 1m apart at break and lunch. Pupils must ensure they maintain a safe, social distance from members of staff.


Behaviour and expectations with social distancing
If your son chooses to break our social distancing guidelines deliberately, there will be consequences for his actions and he may risk an exclusion to home or the SIU.


Uniform and equipment

Your son must wear full school uniform in September. Our mobile phone ban remains the same – pupils must not have their mobile phones switched on, or use them anywhere on the school site. Phones must remain in a pupil’s bag or blazer the whole time they at school.

We will provide all pupils with a pen and pencil. Pupils are allowed to bring a school bag but should minimise the amount of equipment / items brought from home.

If your son is returning to Y11, please ensure he brings his copies of his English Literature set texts: Macbeth, DNA and Jekyll and Hyde.


Transport to and from school

Wherever possible, your son should walk or cycle to school. We will operate a one in one out policy at the school bike sheds to ensure social distancing rules apply.

If you intend to drop your son at school and collect him, please do not congregate at the school gate. Wherever possible, park away from the school.

If your son uses public transport, he must have a face covering. This must be put away on entry to the school building.

If your travel plans have changed since you last informed us of your mode of transport, please contact the school to inform us.


Hand washing and hand sanitising

We will provide hand sanitizer at each of the school entrances and at the entrance to each classroom.

  • Your son must sanitize his hands on entry to the site and on entry to each classroom.
  • Your son must wash his hands before eating and after using the toilet facilities.



Your son is required to wear a facemask on public transport. The Department of Education states that it is not necessary to wear a facemask inside the school building.

There will be bins at each entrance to the building and bags provided for your son to dispose of his facemask securely, if he is using a disposable one to travel with.


What to do if your son displays symptoms of Coronavirus
It is essential that you do not send your son to school if he is displaying symptoms of Coronavirus.

If he displays any symptoms, he must isolate at home for 10 days and your family must self-isolate for 14 days. It is important to book a test if your son displays symptoms and inform the school of his symptoms / test results. Symptoms include:

  • New and persistent cough
  • High temperature
  • Loss of sense of taste / smell


Returning to school

We realise that this is an anxious time and we assure we are working tirelessly to ensure that your son will be safe and secure at school.

If you have any questions about your son’s return to school, please contact his House Leader via

If Y11 parents have concerns about the GCSE examinations for 2021, please contact Miss. Carter, Curriculum Deputy:


The guidelines surrounding Coronavirus are subject to change. As you are aware, we currently have specific guidelines for Greater Manchester. If the guidelines around school reopening change, we will update you via the school website.

We look forward to welcoming all of our pupils back to school and helping your son make outstanding progress in his learning.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries or concerns.


Best wishes,

Karl Harrison, Headteacher


TERM DATES 2020/2021

AUTUMN HALF TERM 1 Friday 4 September 2020 Friday 23 October 2020
HALF TERM HOLIDAY Monday 26 October 2020 Friday 30 October 2020
AUTUMN HALF TERM 2 Monday 2 November 2020 Friday 18 December 2020
CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY Monday 21 December 2020 Friday 1 January 2021
SPRING HALF TERM 1 Monday 4 January 2021 Friday 12 February 2021
HALF TERM HOLIDAY Monday 15 February 2021 Friday 19 February 2021
SPRING HALF TERM 2 Monday 22 February 2021 Thursday 1 April 2021
EASTER HOLIDAY Friday 2 April 2021 Friday 16 April 2021
SUMMER HALF TERM 1 Monday 19 April 2021 Friday 28 May 2021
HALF TERM HOLIDAY Monday 31 May 2021 Friday 4 June 2021
SUMMER HALF TERM 2 Monday 7 June 2021 Wednesday 21 July 2021

Plus an additional 4 inset days to be taken during the academic year – dates to be confirmed

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