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Transitional Phases

Transition Information

As your son progresses through Burnage High School he will go through important Transition phases.


We are committed to making the transition experience a happy one for students and parents. Throughout the school year we maintain regular contact with the feeder primaries. Examples of this contact include

  • Attendance at Primary School Parents Evenings.
  • Reading stories during Primary School book weeks.
  • Ex-primary school students visiting their Primary schools to do circle time.
  • Teachers from Burnage going into Primary schools to teach specialist subjects.
  • Transition visits over the Summer Term to collect information about students who are going to come to us.
  • Individual visits arranged for parents who have queries or who want to look around the school.
  • Children from Primaries coming to Burnage for a variety of activities eg Drama, Cooking, PE.
  • Two taster days for Year 6 children.
  • One taster day for Year 5 children.
  • An open day for parents in the Autumn term.

In addition to the above, the KS2-KS3 Transition co-ordinator maintains an overview of Year 7 students, providing an additional level of Pastoral Support during students' first year at High School.


Year 9 is an important year for your son. Students take their SATs in May, the results of which are often taken into consideration when determining set and teaching groups in KS4.

In KS4 all students study six Core GCSE subjects. These are: Science Dual Award, (worth two GCSEs), English Language, English Literature, Maths and RE. In addition, most students study 3 other GCSEs.

In Year 9 towards the end of the Spring Term, students choose their Options for KS4. It is very important that they work hard in all their subjects because there is real competition for places when they choose their additional GCSE Subjects.

KS4 to life beyond school

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