Personal Development

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As a school, we value the development of the whole child, striving to prepare all students for the world of Manchester and beyond. We invest significant curriculum time for carefully planned and evaluated activities so that all students will gain a sense of place by understanding where Manchester has come from and how they can contribute to its future.

PSHE, RSE and Health

The school’s open culture promotes all aspects of pupils’ welfare and personal development. They have opportunities to learn how to navigate the wider world and keep themselves safe through a carefully planned pastoral curriculum which is delivered by school staff and external organisations. Students have one hour a week timetabled with their form tutor which covers PSHE, RSE and Health. RSE and Health education are now a statutory part of secondary education.

Part of the curriculum is delivered by Brook (relationship and sex education), GMP (Greater Manchester Police), Tales to Inspire and George House Trust (living with AIDS and HIV charity).

Students value and enjoy learning about mental health and friendships, relationships and sex education, living in the wider world, healthy lifestyles, keeping safe and the world beyond Burnage through a bespoke pastoral curriculum. The school’s pastoral programme also ensures that pupils are supported to be good citizens.

AM Form Time

For twenty-five minutes each morning, students follow a daily curriculum covering the following topic areas:

  • Monday: Success
  • Tuesday: Reading and Literacy
  • Wednesday: Online Safety
  • Thursday: News & Debate - The Day News
  • Friday: Citizenship

Each session is ended with a 'thought for the day' which allows students to quietly reflect or have a moment of prayer.

These are crucial to developing student's understanding of the wider world and how they can make a valuable contribution to it. 

Student Leadership

We encourage our students to take on additional responsibilities and lead around the school, experiences that are hugely valued by post-16 providers, universities and employers. In every year group, students can start their own club or fundraising cause through our Smart School Council Community, providing they have the support of a member of staff. Further up the school, in Year 11, students can apply to become school prefects.

We strongly encourage all students to engage with the additional elements of our personal development offer.