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Fake News on the BBC School Report

Burnage Academy students made the news for real on 16 March 2017 as they took part in BBC News School Report.  
More information on the BBC News School Report project can be found here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schoolreport


In preparation for BBC News School Report day, our Burnage journalists interviewed the school’s Headteacher, Ian Fenn, about fake news.

Students wanted to know his thoughts on fake news and how it impacts on the media and the future of journalism. They were particularly interested in the effects on younger students and what they could do to be safe online.


Ian Fenn acknowledged that “fake news is dangerous” because it can “manipulate our views”.

He went on to say that “social media is a different way of accessing news” causing difficulty because “we are not as experienced at filtering news”.


When advising students on what they could do to check the authenticity of sources, the Headteacher suggested to “check trusted sources and compare different sources”.



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